The Importance of Honesty About Artistic Mediums in the Contemporary Art World


Unfortunately since the advent of AI apps and programmes, I am seeing more and more instances of people downright lying about the medium of their work.  No idea why, as AI images are pretty cool and, believe it or not, it is not just adding text to an app to get a really decent image.  They have to be quite artistic words to really stand out from the crowd.  The real main reason it upsets me  though is it is so important for artists to be honest about the medium of their artwork!  Transparency and authenticity are fundamental aspects of the art world. When artists misrepresent their work, such as labelling AI-generated art as a traditional painting, it can lead to confusion and misinterpretation.

Here are a few reasons why I personally believe ti’s essential to be truthful about the medium:

Artistic Integrity: Authenticity in art is crucial for the integrity of the artist and the art community. Mislabelling AI-generated art as a painting can be seen as a deception, undermining trust in the artist’s intentions.

Artistic Expression: Different mediums offer unique opportunities for artistic expression. AI-generated art may have distinct characteristics and qualities that set it apart from traditional painting. Acknowledging the medium allows viewers to appreciate the artwork for what it is.

Art History: Art is often categorised and studied based on its medium. Accurate documentation of the medium ensures that the artwork is correctly placed in the context of art history.

Audience Understanding: Being honest about the medium helps the audience understand and appreciate the technical and conceptual aspects of the artwork. It also allows viewers to differentiate between traditional and AI-generated art.

So, basically, honesty about the medium is essential to maintain the integrity of the art world, respect the unique qualities of each medium, and ensure that viewers have a clear understanding of the artwork they are engaging with.

Stand up AI artists and tell it for what it is!

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4 thoughts on “The Importance of Honesty About Artistic Mediums in the Contemporary Art World

  1. Well stated and reasoned. I fully agree. Yet often there is not an agreed word or phrase to describe the medium accurately. There are many digital tools to manipulate images and it becomes difficult to describe a resulting work. Often A.I. or other digital manipulation can be subtle and the original appearance of the photograph, for example, may still dominate. Many times, those images are still identified as photographs by the artist. That is also the case for paintings that have been translated into digital images. There might be adjustments of color, contrast, or other parameters, to bring out the appearance effectively. Do these now become digital art? Artists, always strongly opinionated, may use descriptions that they think are honest and uniquely their own, but can be confusing to viewers.

  2. Amen. Thanks for your clear sighted and spot-on approach to another new challenge in our modern day!!!

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