10 Steps to Starting a Painting Without Forgetting Anything


Tips on painting that I need to remember more often. I tend to just start painting, getting 10% done, and then realised I’ve not got the right colour in, or the cleaner is in the other room. So here is my list…

1. Prepare your materials: Get all your painting supplies in one place. Make sure you have the right brushes, paints, canvas, palette, turpentine, and any other items you need.

2. Plan your painting: Consider what you want to paint. Think about the composition, colour scheme, and subject matter of the painting. You can make a sketch or rough outline of your concept.

3. Set up your workspace: Find a comfortable and appropriate workspace. Make sure there is enough light and ventilation and that you can comfortably reach your canvas.

4. Make a colour chart: Create a colour chart to ensure you have all the colours you need. Label each colour on the chart and record its corresponding number or name.

5. Prime your canvas: Prime your canvas with gesso or primer to prepare it for painting. This will help the paint adhere to the canvas.

6. Divide your canvas: Divide your canvas into sections to help you organise your painting. You can use a light pencil to draw guides for the different elements of your painting.

7. Mix your colours: Mix your colours and test them on a small section of canvas to ensure they look the way you want them to.

8. Start painting: Begin painting using your prepared sketch, colour chart, and divided canvas as guides. Work in layers, building up your painting as you go.

9. Take breaks: Take breaks as needed to avoid fatigue and ensure you stay fresh and focused.

10. Evaluate your progress: Stop and evaluate your painting often to make sure you are achieving the desired effect. Make adjustments as needed to improve the composition, colour, and overall look of your painting.

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