Painting Clouds for Beginners


In this trailer Dutch painter Janhendrik Dolsma gives you a taste of his 55 min. tutorial, in which he demonstrates a 3 step method to paint life like clouds in oil paint.
The division into chapters provides a clear insight into the required steps.

Dolsma (1950) is an expert painter of clouds, beaches, dunes and of course the ocean. On his Youtube channel he shares a lifetime of painting experience in short tutorial videos with an emphasis on painting clouds. His full length tutorials (over 60 minutes) have found their way to buyers all over the world. Full tutorials can be found here:
Dolsma participated in exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Taiwan, Spain, Belgium and the USA.

Full length tutorials:
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22 thoughts on “Painting Clouds for Beginners

  1. Although i've never been to the Hague or enjoyed the views along the coast, I have enjoyed my trips and time spent in Maastricht and Sittard. Hoping to one day visit the coastal areas. thank you for the excellent tutorial! just purchased your video. very very helpful, All the best from US

  2. I thank you for your efforts to educate us to paint realistic sky and white clouds. My wish is granted. You have given us good knowledge of mixing colour of clouds. Thanks again…downloaded video

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