A Simple Beginners Guide To Oil Painting


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Hi, I am the son of two artists and began painting in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia before I could walk. I was a rare combination of artist and athlete so I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to play football for USC. I left the team my sophomore year to focus on painting and filmmaking, applying the same focus and discipline from my football career to my art. I primarily work in oils, and spend most free days painting “en plein air” in my new home of Sarasota Florida.
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30 thoughts on “A Simple Beginners Guide To Oil Painting

  1. I am a real beginner and I find your video excellent. Firstly, you speak right to the point, and you get to the point fast. Secondly, you demonstrated too. I learned a lot from your video. Thank you!

  2. first of all… thank you so much for this amazing and super helpful beginner friendly video. i would like to know…. which app did you use to understand the value and edit references? thank you again paintcoach 🙂

  3. Thank you for such a fantastic video! I've always wanted to try oils but had no idea where to start and this explains everything perfectly. Succinct, inspiring, easy to digest but with a ton of info; you're an excellent teacher.

  4. Kudos. I can always offer advice to people making videos but not you. Sorry. You nailed it. I don’t think this video can get any better. Thank you. When I’m ready to start painting again, I’m going to call up this video.

  5. Okay, at 60 I decided I want to try oil painting. We have acrylics and watercolors, easels, brushes, palettes, canvases etc that my wife and daughter uses. I also have paint thinner (turpentine & white spirit) and linseed in my workshop. I just ordered some Winsor & Newton Oils, brushes & medium. I really enjoyed this video and watched from start to finish. The last two other ones I watched by other youtubers spent too much time trying to promote their foundation course, unlike you who only vaguely mentioned once (I think). Will come back. Thank you

  6. warms and cools, bought my wife the Windsor and Newton set I think it was like 60 bucks and Da Vinci brushes which I absolutely love. Understanding values Was a game changer for me

  7. I'm really more of an artist with guitar and music but I used to draw all the time when I was younger and I have always loved oil paintings. Recently alot of my friends had me drawing stuff for like a homemade birthday card or Xmas gifts so I just started getting into oil painting well buying the supplies anyway lol it's another lofty habit I guess. I mainly wanted to try the bob Ross method on landscape painting and get into portrait stuff later. The first thing I noticed when I started to paint was it not moving well but I didn't know about the mediums or construe theob Ross liquid white method my dumbass thought I could use titanium white lol… My mom told me I could use paint thinner though. My main questions is on the mediums like my previous question about could you use vegetable oil instead of Len seed oil. Idk I will have to write down the stuff u use in ur videos. What arts and crafts stores do u go to?

  8. You're other video talked about a medium len seed oil? Can you use other oils more common like vegetables oil? Also I was gonna get the boss Ross stuff to do that the liquid white and clear which is like the same thing right it helps the paint move.

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