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Abbie Shores – Site Owner

What were your musical influences growing up?

It’s a tricky question, I had such varied tastes even big band as I just liked music, though if I had to really nail something down the legends such as Eric Clapton, Paul Weller, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Simon & Garfunkal … Just really too many to mention.

What is your style of music? 

So I generally perform solo, indie folk I am told haha though the EP has full instrumentals, we tried to give each song it’s very own feel and sound, it was great seeing the creations grow as they were written as acoustic songs, guitar and vocal.

Has your style changed from when you first began as a musician?

Hmmm I don’t think so, I’ve hopefully improved haha …. Big Eagle fan so there’s a lot of acoustic guitar folk influence, I should explore different styles really but how I play really does express me I guess so I feel it’s authentic and I like that.

Do you play an instrument? 

Yes so I sing and play guitar, I tried various instruments at school but guitar got my heart. On the EP we bought in session musicians depending on what we created cause we really didn’t know where each one was going other than my vocals and guitar, the rest was all part of the creative process.

What made you choose that instrument?

To begin with it was most definitely the teacher, I was going through some tough stuff in my life at the time as a little boy and this teacher sort of became my idol I guess, he was a violinist in a folk band too and encouraged me to try violin and mandolin, he really encouraged my creativity, really great inspiration. I loved the guitar so much though so the journey begun.

Do your write your own tracks?

Yes all of the tracks are my own, I’ve written on an off for years but one piece stood out and I decided I wanted to record it, Gypsy Girl I wrote for a friend, I than decided to do the EP and wrote all the material whilst we were recording last year. There’s more to come I hope.

Do you prefer writing or performing?

Oh writing and recording 100% I love to see something coming from nothing it’s such a great experience. Maybe I would enjoy performing more in a band, I think the group dynamic could be fun.

Are you very nervous appearing live, or do you enjoy it?

I do enjoy it, at the end of the day you’re there to help people connect and enjoy themselves depending on the gig, I love connecting with the audience and will have a little chat between songs, I also found last year that if I perform to enjoy it myself it relaxes my performance.

What is your favourite track by yourself?

Tricky one haha Probably “Have you Heard” it’s a personal story but I think will resonate with peoples lives, also getting a string section was a stroke of inspiration I really love, sweet sound.

If you could have anyone’s music career, whose would it be?

Oh easy – Eric Clapton, great guitarist and singer, love love love

Do you have a boyfriend? Are they supportive?

Nope not a the moment, I Actually did have a boyfriend during the process of recording and he gave me the idea for “have you heard” asking me “what would you sing to yourself?” I’m a bit of a free spirit I guess, I’m sure I’ll find someone who can be happy with my creative craziness eventually but no stress, I love life.

What do you dream about when asleep?

HAHA a friend of mine thinks I have a CGI budget for my dreams, they are often really amazing and graphic, space travel, different worlds, spiritual realms …. I’m honestly not on LSD haha

Do you think the internet has altered the way musicians can get known? If so, is it easier or not? Has the internet made piracy easier etc?

It’s difficult it’s certainly opened up opportunities but I’m concerned it’s just flooded, it’s so easy to upload a song (even if you’re not particularly great) maybe contributes to the loss of so many music venues too, it’s a different world but I can’t knock it, it’s helped me a lot but I am a big fan of keep it live, I funded my EP myself in a professional studio which I hope shows my commitment to my journey.

Have you had concerts/records? 

Yes so my first EP “Soulsearch” was released last year, it’s getting heard and liked, I had some CD’s made too which I’ve used to promote myself and sell, currently living in London I have been lucky to play at some great venues including Proud Camden and Cargo Shoreditch, its all about getting yourself in the seen, it’s all the same circuit so you soon get in the right venues and meet the right people.

Have you any concerts/records planned for the future? 

At the moment I have been pretty busy with my painting but I am playing at Proud in Camden on the 7th Feb. Talking to a promoter about going forward. I’m online 24/7 though for you to enjoy hahaha

What are your plans for the future?

I’d love to travel and play more venues, definitely write and record more and of course continue my painting.

What advice would you give to young musicians looking to get into the profession?

Ummmmmmm “You can do it” haha Seriously just start because you love doing it for yourself, get out to open mics to help your performance skills, treat like a gig though, make it real, you’ll convince yourself and others your going somewhere, what’s that saying “Fake it till you make it” haha

Have you done any courses to help you?

No not at all, other than the few lessons at primary school I’ve learnt myself and just write stuff down a lot. You’ll write a lot more rubbish than good songs, it’s the same with my art though I tend to try let it flow and adjust later .

What do you do to market your work?

Well Live performance is a big part cause it is fun, Social Media Twitter, FB, Instagram, YouTube it’s all part of life these days, I don’t quite get how people make massive amount of cash from just talking about themselves but I guess that’s the Kardassian world we are in … I like to think my authenticity comes across. I’m also on management sites where you can apply for your songs to go on Radio, TV and general A&R agencies.

Do you use social networking in your day to day life? 

I’m probably slightly addicted lol …. I figure there is so much of it you have to post to be remembered and to hopefully gain real followers who are interested in me rather than just the numbers game where people don’t actually interact.

Twitter @andyjouan

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FB – Andy-Jouan-Music-Art-Soulful-Living

Are you available for work (gigs)?

Yep always, it’s great fun and after seeing someone on the London Underground carrying a Double Bass I no longer huff and puff about getting to a gig haha

Have you got hobbies?

Other than my creativity I love walking and kayaking anything outdoors and I’m really lucky to have travelled lots to. is having a pint a hobby ?

Where are you based?

Currently in London, I hope that can continue though I have lived in various coastal locations and love being by the sea. So nothing set in stone I guess.