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Although our value does not come from what others think about us or our work, it helps to know that others like what we create. Of course that’s important, too, if you are selling your creations.

I have family, friends and other artists who have “Liked” my Art Page on Facebook, Liked and/or Shared the posts from that page, made complimenting comments under my posts and have purchased Wall Art and products printed with my created images. Others have read, commented on and shared my blog posts.

All of those actions have encouraged me to continue sharing my images and offering them for purchase as well as to continue my writing.

Therefore, today I would like to say Thank you to these people:

All of my family, friends and fellow artists who have supported and encouraged me in any way.

It warms my heart to know that each of you take the time and effort to let me know that you like what I do. Thank you for all of the Likes, Shares, Comments, Purchases and most of all for the love you show me by these actions.


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