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I first became interested in Art as a child, when I watched my handsome brother paint at home downstairs. He had lots of girlfriends and they loved having him paint them of course. At that time, around age 8, I also was making my own greeting cards/collages for my family. Lots of torn doilies, lol.
My style varies, depending on my intent for the image. I am au fait with all contemporary and historical styles of Art. My own personal favourite style is Abstraction.

Yellow Tree - Australia

Yellow Tree – Australia by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

At first, I was glad to portray what I saw, effectively. Since then, I have evolved into an Abstractionista ! Although I still do realism, but with a twist. Abstraction gives me the freedom to respond to the subject in my own way …. feeling/thinking outside the square.
My favourite medium is charcoal drawing…it is so organic. And, I painted in oils for over 20++ years. Now, because of apartment living, I am using and abusing Acrylics. I chose acrylics to be free of toxins and odours.

Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

My ideas are sparked by my thoughts/imagination and also my response to a life situation or political issue. I rarely work from a set-up still life now. Imagination Rules. The images are the result of a life long lived and memory. The colours I use are usually a ‘limited palette’…it suits me on pieces that I want to paint for quietude and contemplation. But ……. I go mad with colour when doing abstraction,too. It ‘depends’.
I had the good luck to have a studio for years, right outside my kitchen door…it was a haven for me. When in the UK, I worked in the greenhouse ! Along with ‘pinched-out seedlings I raised and sold by the box! Now, in 2016, living in this new apartment, I am fortunate to have a lovely ‘loggia’ separate to the lounge room, and am set up happily.
It will surprise you to know my favourite artist – Ben Nicholson…I love his elegant simplicity, which is complex of course, and his palette, and thoughtfulness.
My favourite of my own work, hmmmmmm. As I work, each one is a favourite.
Over time, I must say, this is my Favourite: “An Iris For The Master”.

An Iris For The Master

An Iris For The Master by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

It is done in a really minimalistic,abstract design, and causes thought in viewers, who like that it is an ‘iris – not’. A tribute to Van Gogh.
Time on any work, for me, is very long….I think a lot…..then I paint, then I re-paint, then I re-paint again.
And now, with acrylics, I paint 10 times as much due to the nature of them. I do not get the texture or depth with them, that is so much a part of my expression.

Windmills Of My Mind

Windmills Of My Mind by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

I don’t mind criticism…..if I respect the source. Otherwise I quietly dismiss it.
How do I know a thing is finished? I just know. Yes, I walk away. I sign it as a gesture to ‘finito’.
I found an interested Gallery here in Sydney when we came here to live, and did quite well, though at the time, I was a very poor photographer, and have few images left from that time for that reason. Doesn’t bother me much. It was a thrilling experience.
There are no plans for a show in the future. Because….much has been sold. And now, from my own photos of my work, I am ‘enhancing’ them for POD (print on demand)…they have moved on, with me.
The possibilities for POD are endless.

Vessels Very Colorful

Vessels Very Colorful by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

and now I am back painting, woohoo, and am doing, finally, a painting about Stones…I will have a gallery at FAA on my page when I gather all my images about stones, pebbles, rocks, mountains …….. Stones I love because I have collected them forever and each is from a place on earth I visited when I travelled. Also, stones relate to burials .. traditional use of them instead of flowers….I like the idea.
My plans, at 78++, for the future are to keep on keeping on as long as possible. I have a tremor, and it affects my abilities ….. but, I have made it a part of my Art !
See: Rhythms Of My Tremor image below

Rhythm Of My Tremor B&W

Rhythm Of My Tremor B&W by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

The best advice I ever received was SIMPLIFY! The best I can give is, Follow your heart. Practice,practice,trust yourself !
I am a perpetual student…have taken high and low seriousness courses, world-wide, and they were wonderful experiences.
I am home-bound now, do not drive, and not near any local Art Schools, but am not sorry …… have had my fun. Driving at my age is dangerous…………….for others !!
I don’t market my work. I could, but it’s different now…my images are files…the originals are mostly sold or lost in transport………lived/moved/removed on 4 Continents.
I do upload to FACEBOOK, courtesy FAA link.

The Bishop's Mitre

The Bishop’s Mitre  by VIVA Anderson ©All Rights Reserved

I would, if I were asked, be interested on working on commissions, though am not interested in family, animals, portraits …. or flowers/still life … Photographers do wonderful ‘flowers’.
When I could see well, I was also an accomplished seamstress…
I am based and living at Mosman, NSW, Australia, a suburb of Sydney. Out of: Philadelphia, New York, Toronto, New York, UK, Johannesburg, EU.]]>