Friends. Plural for the word Friend.

What is a friend?

I found over 20 different definitions when I put Define Friend in a search box on the internet. For the sake of time let’s go with a paraphrase of the most popular definitions: a person that you like and trust.

Not surprisingly there are different types of friends. Here are 12 types although I’m sure you could name at least a few more:

Man Friend.
Woman Friend.
Best Friend.
Fair Weather Friend.
New Friend.
Old Friend.
Long Distance Friend.
Long Time Friend.
Forever Friend.
True Friend.

I would think that the older you are the more likely that you would have many, if not all or more of those types of friends in your life.

How many of those types would you say you’ve had in your lifetime?

How many of these types of friends do you have in your life now?

Have you been any of those types of a friend to others?

Are you any of those types of a friend to others now?

As I read over this post I am wondering how many of the people that read this are friends of mine and what type of friend they may be!


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