UK Rapper D-BO UK AKA Mark Andrew Dowling Launches New Book


A talented song writer, rapper and author Mark Andrew Dowling never forgot about his Stockport roots. He has had so many things happen to him over the past few years, but the determination to never give up is what makes Mark a rapper that you must follow and support.

Mark had a child that was taken away into the UKs care system, something that he covers in his rap songs on his You Tube channel. In-fact, Mark aka D-BO UK has been in and out of prison and has not been shy to rap about the experiences that he has been through. Once being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit! and many, unjust things happening to him makes this Stockport born artist someone to be reckoned with. He is all about reforming, coming off the streets and getting out of the life of crime that many ex inmates find themselves forced to be in.

He has mental health issues that many are shy to discuss with others. Mark is not! PTSD as a result of a stabbing, adult autism and many other issues have been thrown at Mark. Many men that find themselves in the UKs prison system have found themselves there as a result of system failures, men with mental health issues simply do not get the help they need.

He hasn’t taken out his violin this time. In-fact, currently based in a hostel, Mark is working from there selling his book! He is determined not to give up on life and to make the best out of a bad situation. He is also looking for charities to give back to the local community and has been doing a lot of outreach work to try to get help for men that he lives with in the hostel. It would be appreciated if anyone reading this would be able to get in touch with Marks Manager Clare, whom can be followed on Instagram @queenfreelance, if they would be willing to donate items of use to the men staying at his hostel, or any other hostel for that matter.

Many inmates that have been released to hostels have not had contact with their families for months, having been banged up in covid19 without prison visits. Many inmates lose their families due to poor life decisions and hope to reform slowly slips away into a vicious circle. D-BO UK wants to stop this from happening. With a bag of items allowed from jail release men released from jail end up in hostels in areas far away from their friends and families with restrictions and curfews. A new life as a reformed member of UK society, is much more difficult to reach in times like this. A small act of kindness can make a huge impact. A simple water bottle, or bag of crisps for these men is a kind gesture that gives hope in bleak times. Curfews in the hostels don’t give access to the kitchen after 9pm. Toilets and showers are shared, and many men don’t feel like shopping for toiletries in areas they barely know.

If you would like to show a sign of support and help Mark and men like D-BO UK gain back faith in society, then please direct message his manager to arrange to purchase a copy of the book which retails for just 12,99 GBP, inclusive of UK post and packaging. Payments are fully secured with PayPal. There is also a giveaway featured on his Instagram feed for the chance to win a copy of the book. He also has given back to the people that support his work and anyone that purchases a book from him, can picture themselves with it as they receive it- and be featured on his Instagram feed- with a tag linking back to their profile!

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