Originally Published In Our Arts Magazine Jan. 12, 2018

Traveling during a past holiday season brought several laughs and at least one Ah Ha moment when reading road signs.

Following Googles directions instead of a friend’s route for a weekend getaway took us on county roads in Northern Mississippi. Street signs for a couple of those roads brought smiles to our faces and at least one LOL moment when we turned onto “Laughter Road” after following “Get Well Road” for several miles. I wondered who named those roads and why did they decide on those particular names.

My Ah Ha moment arrived when we were driving a long distance to spend Christmas with my family in another state that same year. Many times in my travels I have seen towns that were named after each of my sisters but I had never seen my own name on a road or town sign.

But that on that trip, there it was: Kathy’s Road! Right there on that sign on the interstate. The sign said Kathy’s Road! As we were only half way into a 14 hour trip there was no way my husband was going to turn around for me to capture that sight with my camera.

But I saw it. And my husband saw it, too, so I know it was real.

I wondered who Kathy was for whom that road had been named. Something to ponder on the final 7 hours of that trip.

Words On A Sign……. providing laughter, an Ah Ha moment and food for thought.


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