Artist Draws Realistic Portraits of Strangers On Subway

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ON SCREEN CREDIT – @devonrodriguezart

A talented artist has filmed himself making realistic pencil portraits of strangers he met on the subway.

Professional artist Devon Rodriguez, 24, has become well-known thanks to the incredible pencil portraits that he makes of riders on the New York City subway.

Devon’s videos show the drawing process, from the selection of a rider as a subject, to the initial sketching and the final highly-detailed portraits.

His artwork has gone viral online with million of views.

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These Talented Artist Will Inspire Your Creativity

We are taking you through some of the most creative and exceptional artists of the moment. And you know that an artist is exceptional when with their pieces they are able to inspire others. That’s why we have selected some extremely inspiring artists to help you open your mind and create your next great piece. If you need some tips on how to find your inspiration, we think the article on our blog ( might also help you! Let’s create together!
Check Out These Amazing Artists:

Landscapes, the ocean, the sky.. you name it! Feliks is a really skilled artist and one just needs to take a look at his pieces to feel relaxed and inspired by them. Feliks has also created a community where he helps people who want to learn the art of painting. Go check it out!

Julia specializes in digital drawing. Her drawings are powerful and inspirational, and seeing her drawing and working on her pieces is somehow satisfying. We could watch her paint all day long! She has a very personal style that does not go unnoticed

David is 20 years old artist living in Munich, Germany. He works with all kinds of different mediums, depicting the wonders of our universe in a surrealistic way. He experiments with pencils, watercolors, acrylics and soft pastels.

Stefan Acanski Skech is a dental technician but he also is a spray paint and is crafting artist who has decided to share his art and his techniques with all of us.

Lioba Brückner is a German artist specialized in painting with watercolors, oils, color pencils and acrylics. The process of her paints is only able for patient people and the final result is awesome!

Alena’s artworks are breathtaking. Her paintings are so realistic some of them can even seem real pictures. She usually focuses on natural topics, that’s why you can always see the ocean, trees or the sky in most of her pieces.
Her art and the way she inspires others have made of her one of the most famous artists on Instagram.

This Indonesian artist is a human photographic camera. Using just a paper and a pencil will make you a drawing that you won’t believe it’s not a picture. Their drawings look just like a picture!

This artist is, as its name says, the queen of the colors. It’s amazing how can she create this iridescent effects with just color pencils!

Sarah is an amazingly talented lettering artist. But not just that. She also creates pieces and paintings using watercolours in such amazing ways! Don’t miss her latest works!

Marite is a watercolor artist whose delicacy and accuracy can perceived in every single one of her pieces. She draws all kind of things. From animals, to flowers, cartoons, fruits, fantastic creatures and portraits. Each one of them different and special in its way.

This artist is great at creating imaginary creatures which he later paints with the most beautiful colors. Flying foxes, phoenixs, mermaids…are just some of his creations .


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Cookie And KeppenArt

Let me introduce myself. My name is Cookie and I consider myself the official model at KeppenArt. Here’s how that came about:

A man named George took me away from my mom and siblings one day to live with him. That same day he took me to meet this woman named Kathy. I liked her and since she and her mate lived across the road I often visited, especially when she was sitting in the flower beds pulling up weeds (that’s what she called them). I can remember her putting these silver or black boxes up to her face, looking at me and then hearing clicking sounds coming from those boxes. She always seemed to have a clicking box with her. I heard her call one of those boxes a camera so that must be what clicking boxes are.

Then one day George and I, Kathy and her mate all went for a boat ride to a sandbar, like we often did and we had a day of fun chasing bugs and napping in the sun. Everything was great until that next morning. George and I left in his truck very early. It was strange for him to be putting lots of stuff in the truck before we went for a ride and he seemed a little freaked out about something. We rode a long time to another house where this lady called me her granddog, whatever that is.

The next few days were so weird. A big storm called Katrina blew through. Everybody still talks about it sometimes. They call it a disaster. It blew away all of our houses. Even my dog house was gone. Everyone’s house was gone and there were little bits and pieces of people’s stuff everywhere.

Well, to make a long story short, a little while after that storm George took me to stay with Kathy and I lived with her and her mate for the rest of my life. She loved having me part of her pack, too. I could tell. She took good care of me and she petted and kissed me a lot. I know Kathy and everyone was sad to lose their houses but I also know that storm is the reason I was able to come live the rest of my life with Kathy. And I was always happy about that.

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She Wore Flowers In Her Hair – Isabella Shores – Writer and Artist

Tongue stuck out of one side of her mouth, she carefully slit a line in the daisy stem.  Eyes scrunched in concentration she slipped one more daisy in through the slit and gently patted it to the end, careful not to mush the petals.

She remembered how Grandma had taught her, on a spring day just like this one, not long before she had gone to God.

Grandmas’s eyes had also scrunched up in the same way and, anyone seeing Leila would have said how much she took after her Grandmother in all the right ways.

Leila gently picked another Daisy from the clump she had found, that rested between her legs as she sat legs open wide on the damp grass.  Her skirt splayed out in front of her it’s lace already had green tinges where the grass had stained it on previous Daisy hunts

She hummed Greensleeves to herself as she weaved the Daisies.  Her Grandfather had told her about the King who had written that song for his one true love.  Even though he had married many times, this was the one he really had been meant to be with.  Romance was big in Leila’s life.  She dreamed of white weddings and royal tiaras and …………


The peace was shattered as Sues rough tones broke it.  ‘LEILA WALKER GET UP THIS INSTANT!!!

Leila tried to ignore her.  After all, she wasn’t her mother, she was just a nurse!  If Leila wanted to make Daisy chains, who was Sue to stop her?!

Sue grabbed Leila’s arm and dragged her up and started marching her back to the big house. In defiance Leila placed the daisy chain haphazardly on her head.  She could see the faces watching her from the house and she pouted and wrenched her arm from Sues callous hand.

Shaking herself off she put her hand up, wiping grass across her nose as she tried to sweep the hair from her face.  Shoulders back, nose in the air she marched past Sue and up the garden steps to the door.

From a window her granddaughter watched her enter the old peoples home, pouting but half smiling, with flowers in her hair.

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Goodbye For Now – Isabella Shores – Writer and Artist

He placed another bag on top of the growing pile. He had accumulated too much over the years. Made leaving so much harder.

He could hear her crying quietly in the other room. She thought he could not hear her. He had not meant to hurt her but, when he had met Clarice he knew it was time to move on. Life here had been stifling over the past few years. He still loved her but……

Another soft wail emanated from the closed door. He sighed and took a breath. He had better say goodbye. He was not one to just text the ‘Farewell see ya later perhaps’, or the ‘It’s been good but now it’s over’

No. Even though he knew there would be tears and recriminations, he had wanted to face it. To draw the line under the past and to start again with Clarice.

His hand reached for the door and clasped the handle just as it swung wide with the small woman throwing herself through it and into his arms.

‘Please, please don’t leave me! Oh, I can’t bear this pain!’ she sobbed, big gasping breaths wracking her body. He held her close for a moment.

Sorrow and regret overtook him and he stroked her hair gently whilst imagining Clarice, smiling at him from the passenger side of his car. Oh Clarice. Was this right? Could he leave?

Gritting his teeth, primed for the inevitable, he calmly pushed her away from him and turned. Placing his coat over one arm and picking up a suitcase with the other he walked to the open front door and walked out to the driveway where Clarice stood waiting to finish packing the car.

Car packed they got in and drove off

Heart fit to burst with sadness she stood, hand half raised. She knew it was right. She had seen it coming, knew the signs. She would survive alone, she knew it deep down. He was old enough now and besides, he would be back to see his Mum soon.

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Street Photography

I see you looking. Staring across the mall. Will you come over? Will you say hello to me?

People often stare at me. I am very beautiful in my way. Nothing can ever take that away from me. I was considered amazing once and was a model. Okay it was local but hey. I had my 15 minutes. Now I am here. Every day the same.

I see you looking. Oh, you pretend you are not. Embarrassed? You do not need to be. It is I who is embarrassed. It is I who have fallen. My clothes unfashionable were all the rage once. My hair…oh well, I do try and comb it but well, fingers just do not do it really.

The bruise? That is my business not yours.

I see you looking. Do you know I hate you? and I love you? I hate you because you do not come to me. I love you because it s not your fault I am here. I hate you because you will go home to your wife and kids, your dinner and your TV and I? Where I go is also none of your business. We keep it secret.

Did you know I had a job once? A husband? I drove a car and had a dog and a garden with roses. Do you even care? When you stop looking you will turn away and forget me as you never have known me.

You may remember the image of me. Only.

I was a model once. People looked at me and clapped and toasted me. Now they shoo me.

I see you looking. Through your lens. Taking a shot that you can show people so they feel pity for me and admiration for you.

I see you looking.

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Dim The Lights – Isabella Shores – Writer and Artist

“I am so tired. Tired of fighting people, governments, my own desires
and needs that have no place in our world, or so I am told.
‘Tired of explaining myself to you. Trying to make you see who I am,
and why I do what I do. I mean, does it really matter? Who are you to
even care? My thoughts are my own and I should not be wasting time
here writing this out for you. Not when tomorrow is such an important
‘Questions. Questions. The lights are bright in this room and I feel like
walking over and turning them off, or even just dimming them, but I am
too tired. My eyes are sleepy and I suppose I had better get this done
‘Who am I to care? Nobody so you tell me … not sure you are right
about that you know. I think I am more than you know. I have more
secrets than I will ever tell you anyway.
‘It started when I was so young. Hey, I was caring and empathic once
you know! I gave a shit about people like you and what you wanted and
then, one day I just didn’t care any longer. Why? Oh, I don’t know.
Perhaps the lies people told, the beltings received, the abuse. Who
knows. One day I did and the next day I woke up and just didn’t.
‘I worked hard though, at hiding it. Do you have any idea how much
work that can take? Do you possibly have any inklings how bloody
grateful I am now to tell you the truth about my feelings?
‘I am getting tireder and really should sleep.
‘You asked me to give you places in the past, names, dates… I can see
you reading this and hoping to find it all out. My past, my dirty little
secrets. Last laugh is mine. I am not going to tell you. Anything.
At all.
‘Shit, so tired. I am going to leave this now and come back to it
tomorrow. I may tell you something then. Just a little something to tempt
you, to tease you, to set you wondering.
‘Yes, tomorrow I may tell you just one secret to make you happy…. see?
I care a little still.”
The prison warden put down the piece of paper he had been reading,
and sighing slid the glasses off his nose and placed them on the table.
He rubbed his brow. Shaking his head he sat down at his desk
“Nothing?” shouted Ben. “He told us NOTHING?”
Charlie sighed again. Now executed they would never learn his

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