Norman Rockwell an Artist For the Ages – Art Book Review

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Every once in a while a new artists hits the scene with a new style that takes us to a different place, capturing our imagination and human spirit. Norman Rockwell was indeed just such an artist, perhaps one of the best to ever walk the surface of the planet. Everyone who sees his work, takes a double take and is intrigued.

What if I told you that there was a way to be permanently intrigued by this great artist? What if I told you that you could own a piece of art history? Well, it just so happens there is a way. You see, I own a very nice art book with 50 of his greatest pieces displayed inside. It is a huge coffee table type book and will keep you in a pleasant state of mind for hours on end. It’s great for visiting guests too, the book is:

“50 Norman Rockwell Favorites” by Norman Rockwell, with introduction and assistance by Christopher Finch; Artabras Books, Crown Publishers, New York, NY; 1978. ISBN: 0-517-23358-4.

Every other page of this book has a giant almost life like picture, and on the opposite page is a couple of paragraphs describing it all. Many of the pictures in this collection you will recall and smile, you’ve no doubt seen many of them before at some time in your life.

Still, there are others you have not seen, and perhaps that is what makes this book so great. Just when you think you’ve already seen all of Norman Rockwell’s work, all of sudden there is another, and another, and you just say to yourself wow!

Source by Lance Winslow

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