My Daily Walk (Writing Skills Task #1036)


We (my husband and I) moved out to the country in north Texas a year ago, onto a little piece of property of about 2 acres that needs some work. It has many wild areas full of vines and trees and so far, I have contracted poison ivy three times. No more clearing of wild areas for me!

I do take daily walks around the property in the open areas and always take my camera with me. You never know when you will see deer, hawks or strange insect creatures. One funny creature that meets me on my walk is our next door neighbor, Fonzie – a white pit bull mix dog.  He runs to meet me and enjoys his pats on the head plus he knows that at the end of the walk he gets a treat at the back door of our house.

The first time I saw him which was shortly after we moved in, I had a shiver of fear because of all the stories I have heard about pit bulls. (Our neighbors down the street let him out of their house from time to time and he explores the neighborhood).  That first time I saw him he came up to me slowly and I did my best to sweet-talk to him and he allowed me to love on him and give him cuddles and hugs.

My husband and I started giving him treats whenever we saw him and he quickly became our best friend.  I love it when he meets me in the yard and walks with me. He is a great walking companion and the biggest sweetheart of a dog.  He always walks slightly ahead of me and the picture attached to this story was taken on one of the days that he looked back to make sure I was still nearby.

We do not have any pets since our beloved cat passed away in February but now we have a ‘sometime’ pet in Fonzie. We love him as our own and he makes my daily walks so much more enjoyable!

Walking Companion

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  1. Oh Gaby, how awesome that you have such a loyal walking partner! The pit mix bulldog that we had when we first married and lived in the country protected me from snakes. She knew that I have an irrational fear of them and she would kill any that happened up around us.

    Thanks for sharing your special neighbor and fellow walker with us.

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