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Keith Mitchell
1 month ago

I have a better understanding of art photos the way you explain things, thank you. For example, the empty restaurant with red lines, ketchup, mustard, and the yellow floor cones. It all makes sense. My question to you, if these photos are in a book or gallery do you have to take the time to explain to the viewers or do you let the photos themselves do all the talking? Thank you for sharing your awesome photographic insight.

Street Tsukuru
1 month ago

You got some great photos that night. Love the first restaurant/diner photo.

Casi Sartorio
1 month ago

The fact that you also show the photos you didn't like that much makes you SO real. I'm loving your channel (and especially this BTS videos), keep it up Evan!

1 month ago

What you think ? Leica Q or X100V ?

Spencer Leech
1 month ago

I love the way you describe your process, it has taught me a few things. Subbed!

1 month ago

Some of them of the Varsity looks like a The Weeknd album cover lol

Akhil Sai
1 month ago

I found you so late. awesome .

John Gross IV
1 month ago

You missed your opportunity to say "making my way downtown" at 5:30

p 0 0 x
1 month ago

I know you didn't exactly like the shot at 4:50 but I think it could have been pretty neat if you had taken it on the other side of the road with more rear lights in the frame. It's the headlights that kill it for me. And maybe it would have worked better vertically.

Daniel Tejeda
1 month ago

Geometric…not geographic lol.

Nato's World
1 month ago

One thing about art whether its paintings or photography is that there's always someone else with a different perception of art. Your long exposure pboto was nice it felt cold but yet busy. You photos were great!

pup killer
1 month ago

такое чувство будто смотришь блог эминема, на сколько же быстро он говорит аааааа

Alex bishop
1 month ago

This is like the 5th time im watching this for some reason 🤷
Love it

1 month ago

Ghost town. Why don’t you go somewhere more crowded with people if you’re shooting street. This is like below average photo taking experience being made into a vlog and I have no idea how to appreciate this. A whole video of not good .

1 month ago

God darn it, these photos are surreal!

1 month ago

I have the image at 9:41! It came with your photo book. Glad to see the bts

Jade Dorgan
1 month ago

You are very down to earth. great vids man

Hamilton S. Rink
1 month ago

I liked the sign dark sky.  Might want to go back plan a sunset shoot. Red truck was good too, but the Red Sign!  Lot of potential there.

Daniel Y
1 month ago

Cool type of video that I haven't seen before on youtube. Nice to see from your pov as well as your voice overed thoughts.

1 month ago

Overrated. Nostalgic night URBAN photography.

Justin Arend
1 month ago

The diner shots remind me of Ian Howorth's work

1 month ago

geometric not geographic

Albert Therkelsen
1 month ago

the painter you were thinking of, is Edward hopper

Goran Pavletic
1 month ago

Video starts at 3:55

Aaron Lira
1 month ago

bro could you make a video how to color grade video?

Brent Bisaillion
1 month ago

Curious about your iso settings or if you use a tri-pod for these shots? Thanks

Andrea Michel
1 month ago

Could you do a video explaining how you metered the light and a bit the technical stuff please?

Riccardo Manzati
1 month ago

Might the artist be edward hopper?

Patrick Cazer
1 month ago

9:09 i think would've been a great shot of the 3 cars aligned vertically in front of the sign

1 month ago

Awesome video and images mate! Thanks for keeping us inspired!

Dizzy Buizzy
1 month ago

I never heard a guy talk so much, and not to much provide a Point to all that talking! I just can't figure out what the behind the scenes are?

1 month ago

You should check out Ian Howorth. He shoots a lot of that nostalgic feeling deadpan stuff at night.

David F
1 month ago

Great video. Cool seeing people’s processes even though I’m not much of a photographer myself

1 month ago

4:50 You said that photo SUCKS, but I thinks it's dope af.

1 month ago

Awesome video, new subscriber here, I love it that you were taking pictures of The Varsity because I love that place! 🙂

jacob sack
1 month ago

i for some reason really liked the last picture

Harrison Bond
1 month ago

Oooooh love me some Atlanta at night

1 month ago

How comes your photos look like they were taken on film? how do you create such a vibe?

Tushar Kamble
1 month ago

Love this!😍 you're showing the process,motivating many people to go out there and take multiple photos..let such videos coming more💯💯

Sergio Luviano
1 month ago

Love the truck shot man! You selling prints on this one?

Kyle Cai
1 month ago

Am I the only one thinking his left arm is much stronger than right arm?

1 month ago

love the way you explored and you experienced. Thanks man.

Peter Denton
1 month ago

A "geographic pattern"? Seriously dude?

Jean-Pierre Zapata
1 month ago

that Hennessey at the end had me rolling

Depot msa
1 month ago

trash hand kills dude !

Pierre Bouchard
1 month ago

The artist name you're looking for is Edward Hopper : Nighthawks at the diner …
If it 's the photographer's name you were looking for that would be William Eggleston :
His diner scenes shot with Kodachrome are amazing …

Rhonda Strong
1 month ago

LOVE the red V sign!!

1 month ago

great photos!! are they edited or unedited

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