Nostalgic Night Street Photography (behind the scenes)


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48 thoughts on “Nostalgic Night Street Photography (behind the scenes)

  1. I have a better understanding of art photos the way you explain things, thank you. For example, the empty restaurant with red lines, ketchup, mustard, and the yellow floor cones. It all makes sense. My question to you, if these photos are in a book or gallery do you have to take the time to explain to the viewers or do you let the photos themselves do all the talking? Thank you for sharing your awesome photographic insight.

  2. I know you didn't exactly like the shot at 4:50 but I think it could have been pretty neat if you had taken it on the other side of the road with more rear lights in the frame. It's the headlights that kill it for me. And maybe it would have worked better vertically.

  3. One thing about art whether its paintings or photography is that there's always someone else with a different perception of art. Your long exposure pboto was nice it felt cold but yet busy. You photos were great!

  4. Ghost town. Why don’t you go somewhere more crowded with people if you’re shooting street. This is like below average photo taking experience being made into a vlog and I have no idea how to appreciate this. A whole video of not good .

  5. The artist name you're looking for is Edward Hopper : Nighthawks at the diner …
    If it 's the photographer's name you were looking for that would be William Eggleston :
    His diner scenes shot with Kodachrome are amazing …

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