Photographer Vs Videographer

‘Don’t videographers and photographers do one and the same thing?’ This has often been the cue for a heated argument on the difference between photographers and videographers. It’s often required for a video production company clarify the difference.

There are several points of conflict that are causing a rift between professional videographers and photographers. Amongst these points of conflict is that they find that they are competing for the same positions.

Defining Videographer and A Photographer

These two professionals are like skiers and snowboarders. They are completely different in what they do and how they work. It is important for both clients and professionals to realize that their functions are not interchangeable.

A photographer takes photographs using a camera. Professional photographers may work for companies or as individual contractors. They capture a moment in a single image. Several photographs therefore are required to encapsulate an event.

A videographer uses a video camera to capture an event. They capture a series of moments in audiovisual content. They may work for a company or as an individual contractor. A single film can be used to document an event.

Difference Between the Two

Although photography and videography have their similarities, they can’t be lumped into the same category. There are a lot of differences between the two.

Photography has been around for many years. People understand the importance of photography and the work that a photographer puts into getting the perfect shots and delivering awe-inspiring prints to clients.

Video on the other hand is moving images and incorporates audio. Video is quickly catching up to photos and other images as a medium of communication. Despite this, many people still don’t have a clear understanding of the amount of work a videographer has to do in order to document an event, edit a film, and ensure that their clients are happy with their work.

Things A Videographer Doesn’t Tell You!

There’s a lot that goes into documenting events than simply holding up a camera. There’s a lot that your video expert would like to tell you:

  1. Creating a video takes more than capturing what you see. It’s also about capturing sound. Professionals use external sound recording equipment for the best quality. The sound recordings and the audiovisual content have to be synchronized during editing. This isn’t easy. Photographers only have to worry about the images.
  2. In order to capture those important moments at the right angle, multiple cameras, and sound equipments are required. This means working with footage from different sources during editing to get the perfect film. Photographers only need to select the best shots even if they are from multiple cameras.
  3. A lot more equipment is required to get the perfect footage. A videographer may need stabilizers, more than one camera, microphones, siders, and drones to capture the event.
  4. Editing photos isn’t easy. Editing videos is a whole different ball game. There is usually more than 100 GB worth of footage for any given event to go through. There are also hours of sound recordings that have to be synchronized with the footage. You then have to compile the footage in a way that tells the story.

Videographers and photographers are different but both are essential for capturing special moments.

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AMATEUR VS PRO PHOTOGRAPHERS: Here’s the difference.

Learn the key technique that separates amateur photographers from professionals, and how mastering this one concept will instantly improve your photography.

Inside this photography tutorial we’ll be taking a look at the core principal behind all your photos and compositions: The concept of contrast. Contrast in photography is about more than just light vs dark – It’s the idea of using opposing elements of all kinds in your photography to create interest and meaning.

Contrast can be created through lighting, luminance, hue, saturation, sharpness, texture and posing. It can also be created through the way you frame your photos and through the way you present your subject.
Contrast is what gives meaning to your photography, and it’s the biggest photography skill that separates professional photographers from the amateurs.

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The Breath of Life

Buddhist philosophy has it that the breath helps to center us in the Now. As humans, according to Buddhist thought, we tend to avoid living today, primarily because pain and suffering occur today. We want to avoid pain, so our minds focus on the future. We all dream of a better future, but we can’t get there if we’re not present today.

Breathing is an automatic function. We don’t need to concentrate on every in-breath and exhalation. It’s because we don’t focus on our breathing that we’re absent from the present moment. The purpose of meditation is not to try proper breathing, though this is important. Meditation is about knowing ourselves; the way we think through breathing.

Focusing on the breath forces us to stay present and attuned to our surroundings. Our minds are wild and undisciplined. A thousand thoughts cross it every day, most of which is wishful thinking. We can’t expect to succeed in life if we spend every minute in a perpetual dream state created in the mind.

Breathing properly helps focus our attention on our thoughts as they arise. By being present, we can learn thinking skills, skills that are lacking in the average citizen. Most people don’t breathe properly through the diaphragm. Their breaths are shallow. Subsequently, the brain does not get an appropriate supply of oxygen it needs to function. A brain devoid of oxygen dies.

For proof, we can look at the death of George Floyd who died due to a lack of oxygen to his brain. He couldn’t breathe because of pressure on his neck by a police officer who should have known better.

In congested and polluted cities, it’s difficult to breathe pure oxygen. But we can’t ignore the fact that performance suffers under improper breathing habits we’ve developed. It might help to get to a place where we can practice the art of breathing for optimal health.

Writing Skills Task #1025

For all of you who love to write but get brain dead days…. Here is;

TASK 1025

The city burned.

Try and get to a word count of 100 or more if you can.

Share the link of your blog, or website and show us what you are doing. We would love to see!

But most of all, have fun!

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