I was looking through some old photos and realised how far I have come in the last few years. So I tried to understand why and came up with these 7 photography tips that help me improve my landscape photos. I really think they made a big difference and helped me take great shots. From understanding your camera better to light and composition.

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Nigel Danson
1 month ago

Thanks for watching! The link for the app mentioned in video is http://geni.us/Photopills 👍

Graham Thompson
1 month ago

I’m not advanced in photography whatsoever but living on the coast with vast expanses of sea, sand and sky I find that the right light is two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. I face due east looking out over the Humber Estuary and at the rear of my apartment due west looking towards the Lincolnshire Wolds. Magnificent during all seasons. Thank you for the presentation, so well explained, I have learnt a lot.

Beckylou salazar
1 month ago

Beckysalazarlikepink bundlelikeyou work athome like you to

arezoo ebrahimi
1 month ago

thank you so much !!!

Amir Ghahrai
1 month ago

I enjoyed your video

Artem Matveev
1 month ago

I don't understand, who are the 811 people, who disliked this video?… Truly amazing input! Great job!

mARTin nunez
1 month ago

Wonderful video, and well done executed. Your work is very professional. Visit my Big Sur’s video; I believe you’re going to enjoy this amazing place. https://youtu.be/BYyATxNY94A thank you

1 month ago

thank you

dodo dodo
1 month ago
Wael Elmaghrabi
1 month ago


Bryce New
1 month ago

LOVE this Nigel – terrific learning points, delivered (as you always do) in an honest and down to earth manner. Great work mate and many thanks for the advice. Go well and stay well!

ValerieLaney Photography

Nigel, I've been watching all your videos since I've been home with the Virus lockdown, and this video, is one of my favorites! Good points and examples to illustrate them. Thanks for all your videos, I like how you address very real problems and come ups with simple, easy solutions.

Aahasun Habib
1 month ago

Video could've been 12 min long if you prepared a full script.

1 month ago

What improved my photography was knowing how to control the light you have. Just because it is mid-day, doesn't mean you can't control the light. Adjust the ISO and aperture to darken overly bright light and do similarly when there is less light. Certainly, being out at the right time and capturing those sunsets and sunrises, but if you don't have the camera set properly to capture that light, you will lose a lot of that light's impact.

Al M
1 month ago

ETTR is definitely the way to go. Of the 4096 levels of brightness available half of them are given over the levels on the right, 2048. Only 64 levels are given to the stop beginning at the left.

Mark Radford
1 month ago

Love this video, for years i have been enthusiastic in my photography but more recently upgraded from my Canon EOS 600 DSLR to a full frame Canon EOS RP. I am now looking to take my photography more seriously, to get more out of the photos i take….I like yourself would love to reflect in a few years and see where i have improved my photos.

The Windy Burrow
1 month ago

You're such an inspiration, thank you for your tips and videos 🙏

Neth BT
1 month ago

For general Photography = APERTURE Priority
For Sports = Shutter Priority

Honestly, MANUAL is not needed unless you're a Pro in a studio

Michael Cain
1 month ago

I love my aircraft photography but always struggled with changing my setup from jets to props as my true love is WW2 aircraft. Now most of you will probably say , well that's obvious. But to me at the time it wasn't . Then a good friend of mine asked me how I had the camera setup , aperture priority I told him. Well that's fine for your jets Lynton said but when it comes to your prop aircraft you need it on shutter priority and start on a setting of 1/125 sec to obtain the prop blur that your after. Lightbulb for me.

1 month ago

Maybe my problem was lighting, I hope so because all the Fotos that I took over the years with my phone where improving and I thought maybe you can be better and I bought a camera now I'm struggling because I think I bought not the best one in my price spectrum.

Right now it is just bad whether just clouds bad light and I was outside tried to take photos, but It doesn't worked out for me idk.
I had so much fun taking photos, but now I somehow don't have so much fun with a camera anymore, I probably have to find myself first.I understand everything I know all the basics +, but I need the experience of how to use everything that works when.I just hope that it will improve over time and that I will quickly get to the level of my cell phone and then really get better I enjoy taking pictures but it doesn't feel right when I know that I could take better pictures with a cell phone …

Carolyn Collins
1 month ago

Definitely simplifying compositions. Really loving minimalism at present. Another fabulous presentation, Nigel.

Mike Scholz
1 month ago

Just seeing your video and immediately realizing that you also got the wonderful Album "Full Moon" in your shelf with the most fascinating pictures ever.. very nice 😉

Lorena Azinović
1 month ago

Can you send me a camera that u dont need reee. I really want to do photography but all i use is my shitty phone. I dont have any fuqin money. 🙁

Lance Chinnian
1 month ago

That drone footage at 10:35 is amazing!

Jack Badabing
1 month ago


Emary Venter
1 month ago

Thanks for pointing out that the light makes such a huge difference. I needed to know that

1 month ago

Would you guys like to know tips & techniques you can use to create beautiful photography?

Robert Rankin
1 month ago

doing a course next week really liked lisening to this guy. Theres so many wankers around who talk so much tech, crap look foward to next video

1 month ago

Subjective and subjectivity changes but I like your “complex” much better.

Camilla Gray
1 month ago

Fantastic 👌🏻 thank you for this video 😊

Shannon Mansell
1 month ago

What would you suggest for a beginner for photo editing software?

1 month ago

14:11 I was immediately thinking…what if you tried resting the camera on the top board on fence. Maybe seeing the path instead of the fence would have been interesting? Ah, then at 16:37 there it was! The path was very visually appealing and interesting. Thanks for the great video 🙂

Divya Darshan Chhetri
1 month ago

Thanks man, really really appreciate your help!

Craig Stranathan
1 month ago

Great video, thank you for your insight. Your advice on how to use the histogram is the third different tip I've found regarding what it should look like ideally. I read first that one wants it to look like a "mountain range" with no extreme spikes, the second (a video I watched right before this one) said one wants a "smooth", "flowing" and "flat" histogram. I've only recently come to appreciate the histogram and understand what it's telling me though.

Exposed Composition
1 month ago

Can you do a video on how you started making a living in landscape photography? Or link it to me if you already made one? I would like to know what path I should search for while pursuing something like landscape and wildlife photography

Phyllida Acworth
1 month ago

I liked the point about only putting into a scene what you want to take out of it. Ie going in close on figures on a beach rather than the whole scene in front of you. I take a lot of the kind of image shown first that were a bit less impactful. I do get landscapes I am pleased with but would like to get to a higher level.

Mazar Mahdi
1 month ago

Thx ,U are amazing 🙏🏼

1 month ago

I worked in audio for years and the using the histogram is a lot like using the spectrum analyzer. When you have to eq a room, you should always be cutting frequencies to get the response you need and never boosting them. It's the same with an image It's better to cut down highlights rather than artificially trying to create texture or detail in shadows.

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