Here are 14 simple photography tricks and tips to take amazing portrait photography! With these photography tips for beginners, you can learn how to take portraits and improve your portrait photography fast.

Learn about lighting, composition, camera lenses, rule of thirds, and more in this quick but educations how to photography video.

I hope you enjoy the portrait photography video!

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Bach Photography
1 month ago

Thank you very much for watching. Let me know if you like this style of video and I will make more! What is your biggest tip when it comes to portrait photography?

Richard Skeates
1 month ago

Imho, the best tip in all of these is shoot in continuous mode to capture 2 to 3 images as the latter frames will be sharper. Surprising how much difference this makes. Nice work Bach Photography!

Feng Wang
1 month ago

Very practical advices. Thanks a lot!

Stephen Dobson
1 month ago

Brilliant video. I recently got back into photography after being away from it for 8 years due to my career. Got myself a 5DMKII (Granted old but still a beast), a 50mm F1.4 and soon an 85mm F1.8 cannot wait to start doing shoots again. The RAW files you left are fantastic to practice editing whilst I am at work as well, thanks so much!

1 month ago

For the eyes contact tip I feel that sometimes it depends for what kind of feel we are going for. I saw some great protraits without eye contact

Gemini Erica
1 month ago

Great ideas the only problem for me is all of these are models and women too
Why not some variety like how to take flattering shots of older women or rugged shots of men or how to guide non models on posing or anyone that isn't a pro at posing? Most people practicing photos won't have some ig model posing for them I think getting a great shot of just a regular person would take more talent

Ehsan Bouhendi
1 month ago

It was really good, but was much better without the background music and slower talk, in my opinion. Thank you.

1 month ago

look at this pictures! youre sooo good, thanks very much for this video!

Florian Gimpl
1 month ago

If there is one thing I learnt from this video, then that you own only one pair of shoes^^
Sorry for the bad joke! 😛 Relly helpful indeed!

winning Streaker
1 month ago

Thank you

Duncan MacLeod
1 month ago


david samule
1 month ago

I recommend smith.hack33 after he helped me Recover mine

david samule
1 month ago


1 month ago

Too many "instagram models" in this video! Lol! Good tips though.

1 month ago

The only subject I'm interested in 😄😂

luis H
1 month ago

Amazing content. You can notice all the effort put into this. Keep it up!

Alexandre Lollini
1 month ago

Yes, rules are needed in function of the intent. A good photo is one that show that something is happening. All is about the event, and so the scene and the feeling can command the needed rules or the need to break some. At some point you will need that angled shot, or that blurred moving hand, however a cut foot or hand… hum that will always look wrong. There are careful setup photos and also stolen photos in the instant. We must concentrate on the setup and each detail, but also be open and shoot away an awkward moment, a smile or eyes closed. The advice about changing location is huge : because planning does not, in general lead to the best ones, there are some unexpected exceptional shots. Both planning, attention to detail and luck are needed. You don't have luck, you go hunt for it. (you'll end up with 800 shots … but, well, never edit a half success, only go for the best ones, retouching will never save a miss, editing and retouching will only make a great shot greater, but will not make a good one great, nor a meh one good)

Lekhanh Truong
1 month ago

are u Vietnamese??

Kelvin Coleman
1 month ago

3:51… male models also remain an option.

Noe Jonathan Vazquez
1 month ago

Anyone know the name of the background soundtrack?

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