Learn the basics of photography in 10 minutes! Obviously, there’s much more to photography, but if you can grasp ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, you can take incredible images and be able to troubleshoot when you’re not getting incredible images.

Screen shot the chart and keep it with you next time you’re out shooting!

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  1. Thank you so much for watching! Leave your photography questions in a comment below and maybe I'll make a video in the future to answer them!

  2. Would you just set your ISO on auto? So much choice or the camera is going to Automatically do it for . Very good and educational video . I happy I learned film photography first . Thanks

  3. Oh boy! You're awesome! I'm Urdu native and already watched number of videos to learn ISO/Aperture, nobody on earth could clear my concept regarding those two but you nailed it with ease.
    Thank you buddy.

  4. With shutter speed why don’t you just keep it at max shutter speed? Instead of changing it while taking a moving portrait or does the speed matter?

  5. Iso… Iso… Iceoh… Iceoh… Ice-oh… I have never heard anyone say that before. I wanted to slam my head on my lens. Thank you YouTube suggestions autoplay for pissing me off today.

  6. A lot of cameras have a light meter that lets you know how much light you have, letting you change the settings without having to check a picture multiple times. You typically want the light meter in the center, but may want it to one side or the other in certain scenarios (such as astrophotography or a picture with snow), or to change the mood.

  7. Oh my god, this is the CLEAREST basics video I've ever seen. Great job, David! Quick one: how do I get that sort of "caramel eyes" effect when I take a portrait photo?

  8. AMAZING Video!! To the point and very easy to follow. Well done!

    I am a London based pro photographer with over 10 years of commercial experience (and a Master's Degree in Mass Communications with Photography). What you have explained here are the simple basics of how the camera works. Very easy to understand and very clear. Well done!! (Obviously 'Liked' and 'Subscribed'!)

  9. I took away more in 10 minutes than in the last 3 books I read! Thank you for the 5-year old explanation – it was obviously what I needed!!

  10. Wowwwwwwww. Literally after watching 20+ YouTube videos you’re the first one to actually help me understand photography thank you

  11. HI, I like this video and I think it will be useful for many people. If you don't mind, i would like to share this video to
    other website in China for the reason of
    Youtube is blocked to watch directly in China. Of course, I will put the orginal link and I will add Chinese subtitle with it. Thank you very much

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