I Have Begun Painting Again

The Arts

The last time I painted a picture was over 50 years ago, as a teenager. I am into photography and have been for years but a few weeks ago my daughter asked me to paint a wooden plaque for her friend’s new grandbaby and I agreed to do it. When I got my materials ready, my fear of picking up the paintbrush almost paralyzed me and I thought to myself ‘why did I agree to do this?’.  As I always do when fear tries to take over, I said a little prayer and asked God to restore any talent I had from way back.

I am happy to say the plaque turned out nicely and I felt an urge to continue painting. So I painted a small picture of my granddaughter’s chicken on a piece of wood as I don’t have any canvas at this time.  Now I have the ‘bug’ to paint and will be ordering canvas next week. I have a few ideas for more paintings and I am anxious to start.

I live out in the country in north Texas and have deer that come through the back of our property. I have taken a gazillion photos of them so I will have many examples for my next painting.

Wish me luck!

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