I Have Begun Painting Again


The last time I painted a picture was over 50 years ago, as a teenager. I am into photography and have been for years but a few weeks ago my daughter asked me to paint a wooden plaque for her friend’s new grandbaby and I agreed to do it. When I got my materials ready, my fear of picking up the paintbrush almost paralyzed me and I thought to myself ‘why did I agree to do this?’.  As I always do when fear tries to take over, I said a little prayer and asked God to restore any talent I had from way back.

I am happy to say the plaque turned out nicely and I felt an urge to continue painting. So I painted a small picture of my granddaughter’s chicken on a piece of wood as I don’t have any canvas at this time.  Now I have the ‘bug’ to paint and will be ordering canvas next week. I have a few ideas for more paintings and I am anxious to start.

I live out in the country in north Texas and have deer that come through the back of our property. I have taken a gazillion photos of them so I will have many examples for my next painting.

Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “I Have Begun Painting Again

  1. Much luck on your restored confidence and determination to lift up the brush.

    I too have had a passion for painting and photography, and often waffled from one to the other. lately I rarely have spent time painting, arguing that it takes to long. That this is a fallacy became clear to me just today. I had accepted an assignment to do a shoot on short notice. I spent less than an hour taking the photos and then all evening and the best part of today to process them into final form. A handful will see the light of day. I was thrilled that one of them is being used as the “cover” of the organizations Facebook page, a temporary bit of glory. Still, the time spent on these images is not much different that expressing these experiences on canvas. I will have to go dig out my brushes.

  2. Good luck! Not that you’ll need it.
    I too am frozen and make excuses not to paint. But one piece of advice gets me through. Don’t make your painting too precious. That is, enjoy it! Don’t stress it too much.

  3. Way to go Gaby!

    I have paint and canvas, all packed away for my (snow bird) move that didn’t happen. I need to use your motivation as my inspiration to also get started again!

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