Beginner Photography MISTAKES – What to avoid to take better photos


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49 thoughts on “Beginner Photography MISTAKES – What to avoid to take better photos

  1. I shoot RAW max rez since I got my camera but once when we were on a trip for some reason it was on jpeg (like 2mb pics) the whole day. I never checked.

  2. Peter you're wrong on the histogram. Your camera wants to turn everything to grey. A job of photographer is to know the dynamic range of the camera they are shooting with so they can obtain max sensor saturation. The way you described using the histogram is wrong my friend. Cheers~

  3. Ok fine,I finally subscribed!!! Although I cringe at your intros and outros(trying too hard man) ,I cannot help but love and appreciate your passion for photography. Thank you for the very smart tips,I will surely try them out. You do help me grow.much love

  4. Best and easiest to understand discription of a histogram ever! Every thing else I ever researched I felt like I needed a degree in string theory to understand. It was way too intimidating so I just ignored the histogram. I will definitely start looking at it now.

  5. Peter, man, you've got personality! I've been really enjoying these mini tutorials and priceless insight to your process! I guarantee your advice has made a difference here. Thank you for sharing!

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  7. I photograph seriously since a year now and slowly start to improve. I often reach a point where I fault my camera (Alpha 6k) for not being good enough, looking for 7R II or 6D newer marks etc. but then I stumble across a setting I fked up, realize I did a certain mistake physically while taking the foto. So I started looking up some guides, but sadly most youtubers just want to get you to use their affiliate links and buy all this fancy 10.000 setup they also use, but this won't make me better taking pics. You explaining the histogram there are the very first youtuber to teach me something, seriously, I sometimes open it up by accident and I'm like "omg I still don't know how to read this" but forget until I am at home. Finally I know SOMETHING about it. Thanks

  8. I know this is a somewhat old video (that being its 2 years old) but these tips are still helping me be a better photographer. As a sorta final tip that I don't think he realized he was saying… remember to take your time.
    For me, I've been doing it for about a year now with drops in creativity and spikes of "I put down the camera I'm a dead man" sorta stuff (Sorry forgive my stupid analogy) but the important lesson he stated at the end is "it takes time to become better… so why not start now and dare to be a better photographer 5 years down the line for when it took Peter 10 years?"

    Take your time… don't feel rushed to succeed…

  9. Photography is such a fun hobby to start during quarantine bc you can literally take amazing pictures on phone cameras. You can take pictures of anything and make it look good if you get practice.

  10. Question: I didnt understand advice number 4 at all. The entire setting quick view because those were so many technical terms. Can you elaborate? Thank you. I am starting out. Any wisdom would be nice ?

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