Writing Skills Task #1007

For all of you who love to write but get brain dead days…. Here is;

TASK 1007


Try and get to a word count of 100 or more if you can.

Share the link of your blog, or website and show us what you are doing. We would love to see!

But most of all, have fun!

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  1. Breathe. A simple thing. An automatic movement. An activity that keeps us alive. A body process that is supposed to be simple and yet can be so difficult or painful.

    Sometimes newborn babies have to be slapped or jarred to start their normal breathing outside of the womb. Breathing their first breath was not an automatic or simple process for them.

    Have you ever broken one or more of your ribs? That can produce sharp sensations with every breath you take, especially deep ones that are the very breaths that you need to help keep your lungs expanding while those ribs heal.

    Shortness of breath and gasping for breath are not simple, automatic processes of breathing. This experience can be from lung diseases, extreme activities or lung damage from toxins.

    Good Advice.
    But not always an automatic or simple process.
    Keep doing it anyway, as long as you can, if you want to survive life in this world.

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