Creativity Under a Virus

Being a shut-in due to the current virus scare has a lot of people wondering if they can get back to a normal lifestyle once the Covid-19 ends. While we may regret the disruption of life, this period of time to ourselves may help us get acquainted with ourselves. We all have skills that have been left unused for too long, so this period of time may be just what we need to fuel up our creativity. Who knows, but we may discover talents that may carry us through to better days ahead. Spend time in meditation to discover that you have far more skills than you thought and put those skills into action before life returns to the usual routine.

Rather than fear the current climate, look for the opportunity this time presents. You may not be able to talk face-to-face with your friends, but you can find ways to work from home. If you can’t return to work, contact your employer and discuss ways you can be of service. This time is ideal for giving support to those less fortunate than you. Hundreds of people need encouragement to take them through this difficult time. Don’t assume everyone is as patient as you. Call someone and ask how they’re doing. Expand your horizons. Calling someone helps you as well as the recipient of your call.

Few realize that the time they have available can be used to eat better and get more exercise. There’s no need to stay cloistered at home when a walk outdoors can refresh the thoughts and clear the mental cobwebs. Everyone has grown accustomed to eating on the run, but today everyone can take the time to savor food and enjoy simple pleasures. Reconnect with the family. Get to know the kids you likely ignored before the virus hit.

What it boils down to, this period offers many advantages. It can bring a better life for you and all those around you.

It's always bright in the darkest days
Find the best in every situation

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  1. Nice, positive outlook Marioca.

    My experiences throughout this time have been anything but positive but I’ve been through traumatic events before so I’m still “hangin’ in there”.

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