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Honestly, I’ve just been shopping. It’s a bit like Mad Max out there right now isn’t it?! Well, it feels like it anyway. Masked bandits standing outside shops waiting to raid the toilet roll aisle.

Actually, thankfully that’s not true here any more. Plenty to go around.

But if you’re one of the only people standing in line, wearing your mask to help protect others… You know…. Just in case….. Then you expect others to do their bit too. Well, I sure do.

So standing in queue at Altrincham Waitrose, I was pleased to see a (turns out really friendly and nice lady) cleaning all the trolleys and handing them to us as we went in…. Wearing her face shield. They aren’t wearing masks there, instead opting for the full face shield. I get that. I may have to stick my plastic paper sleeves on my sunglasses and head out like that.

Next to her however was the security guy, no mask, or shield, ushering people in.

A lady walked past with her trolley, on the way out, and he stops to ask her what she does for a job coz she’s obviously got a badge on….2ft away from her and she leaned in to answer…. Then, as if that’s not bad enough, he turns after she’s gone and sneezes into the lobby.

Well.. I’ve decided.. I now don’t care what others do. Hopefully this will be my last give a shit post. If other people don’t care them why should I? If other people are taking chances then does it really bother me? Should I not just worry about my own family and health and sod the rest?

……… Watch this space 🙁

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