My life today April 17


Normally at this time of the year I’m planning my first holiday. It would be camping in Wales most years but this year it was a cruise off Miami.

Apart from no holiday, life here in the UK is actually much the same as normal for me. I have created a secret garden where I can sit out and work in the nicer part of the day. I wear my mask when I leave the garden once a day to walk the two mops. Or once a week to do my neighbours shopping for them.

Getting a home delivery is nearly impossible but someone just created an app locally called ShoCal and I use that to grab little bits and a guy does the shopping and drops it off. Some of the money they make goes back into the community.

The Co-Operative supermarket asked me if I wanted to donate my points made from sales to local causes. So everyone is raising money for locals, all over the country.

We had that wonderful 99 years old Captain (100 at the end of April), who walked and walked, in his home with a walker, and raised 15 MILLION pounds for the NHS. We now have a lady in her 80’s walking up and down stairs to also raise money.

We are in extended lockdown and our government set up a team to lead a fight for an inoculation against CV. Comprising scientists, doctors, health experts and of course the government bodies necessary, they hope to have news for us in weeks. Yes, weeks were mentioned.

>Wales is already trialling plasma tests.

I have come down with hay fever which scared the life out of us when I first started lol. But an anti histamine later and I’m fine 🙂

Personally I’m chomping at the bit and starting to feel antsy at being locked in with someone constantly. I’m used to walking in the woods every single day. As it’s a 3 mile car drive away I’m not doing it as I don’t deem it essential…. Although the way I feel about it, it may well be soon! If they don’t want a murder that is lol

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