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My neighbour is dying. The ambulance is here but we know she wants to die at home and they will respect that. I can hear her clock chiming, marking time. For 2 years she’s sat in one place and yelled for help, or cried out. it’s driven us mad…..but now she’s quiet I wish for her to shout… So I know she’s okay.

I’m crying with a mix of emotions. Thankful for the quiet that has fallen over the house… But hating the quiet that has fallen over the house.

My other neighbour is talking to me via texts. We can’t hug. We can’t even say goodbye to her.

This change that’s fallen over us all.. Virus’, people losing homes and job … Lockdowns and the evil some people do whilst others are so ill….

I wonder sometimes why we go on. I wonder why the human race perseveres with such fight. I wonder HOW we adapt so readily, as we do.

Life goes on around us… But just for a little while, here in my house, time is standing still.

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