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In a world of pain I cast my eyes around the room and struggle to stand. I can hear shouting still but I’m dazed and hurting so bad… Spitting blood into the floor as I try to rise.

The boot hits me again. This time it missed my head and almost gratefully I feel it chip something in my shoulder.

The female screams and the man’s voice raises again.

I shrink back into the carpet unable to move. I just want to sleep now and make it all go away.

The voices are joined by more. Shouting, bangs, and then soft murmurings around me.

Gentle hands softly touch me and I wince as they touch broken skin. I hear her voice and look up as best I can, trying to tell her I’m sorry.

She’s crying. I want to comfort her but the pain pulls me down. A scratch on my shoulder and sleep overcomes all.

She came to visit me today. She says she’ll be back tomorrow to take me to our new home. Being without her is hell, but I needed to recover. Her bruises have nearly gone now too and I can finally walk again.. Next time someone tries to hurt her they won’t get the better of me.

She hugged me today and told me I was the best dog in the world. I can’t wait to go home!

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