Squirrels chattered loudly across the Oaks vast branches. The large crow ignored them, cawing to the world to beware.

Nobody listened to him. He warned the people again, and again. He shouted at them from the trees as they plowed up the fields, pulled down the forests. He dodged their smartly dressed engines on filthy, tarmac infested tracks.

He took refuge in the branches of less and less trees available, whilst breathing in the toxic fumes of the greed and avarice swallowing the gardens and hedgerows.

Homes depleted.

Oxygen starvation.

He cried out to you to end this terror perpetrated upon your own bodies

You didn’t listen. He could not help.

Gathering his flock to him, he called to the stars to save his world. They responded, sending out clouds of hope.

Without the humans, suffocated by their own ignorance, the planet thrived, throwing up tendrils of rebirth through the plastics and cement. Green invaded grey space. The huge crow looked at his world, and the stars, and cawed his thanks.



Abbie (222)

Site owner and painter of awesome oils and watercolours. Manager + on large art site Pixels.com

Married to Robin another artist and sculptor. We live with two Shepweiler's, two demented budgies and 3 fish

Wannabe author and hardcase treehugger. All opinions are my own.

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