In October 1967 I received a rather forceful invitation from the president of the United States suggesting I report to a U.S Army induction center . Apparently he was concerned I wasn’t being all I could be all I could be. I decide to postpone that request and went on an extended vacation in Canada.
Toronto June 1968.

Many Daves
I was walking down Spadina Ave heading for Yorkville when I ran into a friend. He handed be a piece of blotter paper with four pictures of Mr. Natural ( see Mr Natural Comics), and said ” Here, this is great acid.” I, having enjoyed my first experience with LSD a few weeks earlier, immediately popped the paper in my mouth chewed a little and swallowed.
“Oh my god ” My friend exclaimed. “What did you do that for?” “That was four hits , man!”
“Four Hit’s !” I said, starting to panic. “Oh man” I said. “Should I go to the free clinic?” “Man oh, man what’s going to happen to me?”
“Relax” my friend said . “You’re gonna be real high for a while, but it’s clean stuff so just come with me I’ll take care of you.”
As we walked subliminal hallucinations began to appear to me .”Where are we going?” I asked as we passed through a cloud of brilliant color.
“My place” answered my friend. “I have something you are gonna want to see”.
By the time we trekked the three miles to his place, I was in a very altered state of consciousness . I was barely aware of my surroundings , in my own world.
My friend, let’s call him Eric, walked into the living room and said sit down I’ll put on some music. The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour began pouring from the speakers and I was seeing the sound waves as flashes of color. I tried to talk and the words only came out on the downbeat . When the track “Flying ” came on I did.
“Hey ” Eric said as the music ended. “I’ve got something I want you to check out, but I’m not sure if you should in this condition”
By this time I was nearly in a catatonic trance like state with very little awareness of the world outside of my body, and merely grunted .
“Come on” said Eric bending over to take my hand and help me up. “I think you will get off on this it’s real trippy.”
Eric lead me into a small room and, a walk in closet I believe. He had covered every inch of the walls floor and ceiling with those 1ft square mirror tiles. He sat me down on a pillow in the middle of the room lit a candle and left the room closing the door and shutting off the lights.
“I’ll be back in a few “he said “Enjoy.”
I sat there in the dark, staring at the flickering candle flame. The only sound the pounding of my heart and the flow of blood in my body. The flame became my entire world nothing else existed.
Suddenly I realized I was not alone. Looking away from the flame I could see many many me’s . Hundreds of Dave’s everywhere ! I also realized I did not know which one was the “real” me.
I don’t know how long I was in this state. It’s seemed a long time and I began a small panic wondering which one was me. A sudden noise caused me to zap back into a physical body . Eric opening the door.
” Hey man. How you doing” he said. I told him my experiences, and we spent the rest of time till I came down doing trippy head game stuff and solving the world’s problems.
To this day when I look in a mirror, I sometimes wonder.
Did I get back to the right Dave?


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