Message With History And Performance


In this article I look at how a message with history combined with a powerful musical performance really packs a punch. This is the fourth in a short series of articles on aspects of music.

Message With History And Performance

My previous articles in this series have built up a picture.


In my first article in the series, I look at how music can have a powerful social message behind the lyrics and I used some tracks by Hozier as an example.


Electro Swing music, and Parov Stelar in particular, is used in my second article to show how vintage music could be combined with modern to good effect. A bit like using public domain photographs and working on them to colorize them or create new art from the original.


In my third article, I look at the raw power of a live performance, using a video by Asaf Avidan to show just how much of an impact a live performance can have on the watcher. Even on video!

What A Combination!

Now imagine if we combine all of the above. Take a social message, add a sample of something historical and factor in a powerful live performance. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well guess what? It is! And here is a great example, a video showing Paolo Nutini in a live performance of his great track Iron Sky. Great lyrics, Charlie Chaplin and more.


A real message with history and performance in combination. The need to rise above our delusions and the mass confusion within our society to overcome hate. Given all the more power by the clear expression of the song by the artist feeling the emotion of the lyrics during his performance. And what a great use for an extract from an old black and white film The Great Dictator.

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