The Pillow Fight


I only had a few pillow fights in my youth and they never ended up well. The pillow fights were only with my sisters.  I was the oldest sister and naturally I got overly rough with my two younger sisters.  They would end up crying and I would end up in trouble with my parents so the ‘fun’ was not worth it. When I saw this topic I started to think about those pillow fights and wondered why they escalated to the roughness. I suppose it was because I had mean streak in me and actually enjoyed bashing them about with a harmless tool. They would end up falling off the bed though and that’s where the shenanigans ended. Me in trouble with my parents and them now crying in the pillows so forcefully torpedoed upon them. My sisters and I are so much older now and are very close – I love them dearly.  They both outgrew me by 4 and 6 inches respectively but I am pretty sure I would still win a pillow fight.


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  1. What fun! I was always the one getting in trouble, Gaby, between my older and younger sister!

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