Task 603 – The Ring Sisters

Sisters have a way with each other. Either they are friends or in a bitter feud. Well, usually it is the feud when they are teenagers.  Sophie is a precarious girl, 16 years old and the oldest of 5 girls. Her next sister, Ruby, is 15 years old and is quite the independent spirit.  This causes a bit of friction between them, you would think the oldest would be the confident one but Sophie is insecure. Perhaps it is because she is 5 foot 10 inches tall and has been the tall one all her life. Her sisters do not seem to have inherited that gene from their parents so Sophie is a sizable stand-out in family pictures.  Because of this ongoing tension between her and Ruby, the other three sisters stay out of the way. The other three are 11, 7 and 5 years of age so the maturity level is very different.

Sophie had her eyes on a ring at the local Bazaar and was saving up for it. A beauty of a sparkler, sterling silver with a purple rhinestone surrounded by a small cubic zirconia rope. She didn’t care that it wasn’t real, she was into the bling and thought it would go perfect with her favorite mini dress, a pretty pink and purple floral print. She could not wait to buy it and dreamed of the day that she would walk in to that store front and buy her ring.

Ruby had been with her on the day that Sophie spotted it and secretly planned to buy it herself. She came into some birthday money this weekend and on Sunday slipped out and went to the Bazaar. She bought Sophie’s ring. She hid it in her jeans front pocket and went home not saying a word. She took it out of her pocket and put it under her mattress in her bed. After everyone was asleep she got her flashlight and slid under her blanket to admire this shiny treasure. She thought on how she could break the news to Sophie that the ring was in her possession.  She tossed and turned all night. In the morning, before leaving for school she decided to do the deed.

“Oh I see your wearing your favorite dress” Ruby said to Sophie a bit gleefully.

“So what’s that to you?” Sophie answered back sarcastically.

“Well, I have something that you have coveted that might go with your dress” Ruby snorted back.

“What do you mean?” Sophie asked nervously.

“A big sparkling ring!” Ruby said loudly and pulled it out of her pocket and held it up.

“How could you?” An indignant Sophie cried out.

“Well, it’s yours, I bought it for you and I hope we can be good sisters to each other” Ruby said as she handed the ring over to Sophie.

“You are the best! Thank you! Yes, let’s try to be good sisters!” said Sophie as she slipped the ring on her right ring finger. Her eyes glistening with happy tears.

During the rough night Ruby realized that the ring really did not belong to her, it would be cherished so much by Sophie, so she decided giving it to her would be a wonderful gesture and she was right. From that day on they had less fights and more sisterly love.

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