Task 601

Poem for the Empty Pitcher


The empty pitcher was on the table

Made of glass it was now clear

That it once held water is not a fable

Now I need more of it I fear


To find fresh water is often hard to do

This dusty country is way out there

A well is many steps from here, ‘tis is true

But it is a chore that I must rightly bear


The water is nice and cool from the well

And filling the pitcher is satisfying to the soul

It is good for the body I can really tell

So today I must fill it, that is my goal


I fill it up all the way to the brim

So it sloshes over the edge as I walk back

The final result is half full and grim

I tell all the others it has a crack


Your turn I say to the one at my right

Go to the well and bring it back full

Carry it quickly with all your might

It will be fine and I know it will be cool


So now we have our water to drink again

To share with others and be a friend

Oh it will be empty, I don’t know when

But the next one in line is who I will send


So that is the pitcher’s job for us

To hold the precious fuel our body needs

It’s a simple liquid without any fuss

Keeps us healthy, is one of its creeds

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