Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked a bit hesitantly. She said “Be Quiet! You will wake my mother.”  I slowly pulled on my dark hooded sweatshirt and we hopped out her creaky bedroom window into the cold night. It is a wonder her mother did not wake up. We were 15 years old going on 21. We thought we could slay the world as best friends forever.

Our mission for the middle of this night while the city was sleeping was to see what kind of mischief we could get in to. We found a portable bathroom at a construction site (in the U.S. it is called a porta-potty) and we proceeded to draw all kinds of graffiti and write words I cannot mention with our big markers. We ‘decorated’ on all the sides of this rectangular box of wood that had a unpleasant stench to it. What scoundrels we were!  We laughed as we walked back the 3 blocks to her house to get some sleep, finally.

When I arrived home the next day, my mother asked if I had a nice time at my friend’s house. I told her yes and that we just hung out together and did not do much at all. The lying was so easy then. I am so thankful I am now in my adulthood and matured in to a decent and faithful woman.

Even though this seems like an innocent prank by today’s standards, I am ashamed that I engaged in this behavior. The good news is I am still friends with her and forty-eight years later it is very nice to know we both grew up!

What is the worse thing you did whilst growing up?  Did it turn out well?

“Written as part of Kathy’s Writing Tasks #596

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4 thoughts on “Be Quiet – A True Story

  1. The thankful innocence of what we thought was so bad back when we were really quite young; and the thankful recognition of not repeating the same behavior & not causing more than nuisance harm to others way back then 🙂

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