Writing Skills Task #596

For all of you who love to write but get brain dead days…. Here is;

TASK 596

Be Quiet!

Try and get to a word count of 100 or more if you can.

Share the link of your blog, or website and show us what you are doing. We would love to see!

But most of all, have fun!


Can you add posts like this?



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7 thoughts on “Writing Skills Task #596

  1. I am very new to this site and to blogging in general so if I wanted to participate in this writing task, where would I post my writing? Sorry to be a bother but I am not understanding how this works. Thanks.

  2. Hi, so I wrote a little story for this task on the new post section and clicked on ‘submit’ and now I do not see it anywhere. I looked at my activity and it does not show there either. Did I not do it right or is it not approved? Do I get a notice if it is not approved? Thanks. I will be a slow learner but I am excited to be involved. 🙂

  3. Gaby,
    I, too, am excited for you to be involved!

    Yes, new posts must be approved so your post won’t show up immediately. I have looked “behind the scenes” and it is there waiting for Abbie’s approval (which should come soon).

    Thanks for not only participating but sharing your work with all of us!

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