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I’ve been using the #pixels3xl for a few days now.  I’m highly impressed so far. If you want a high-end phone then I strongly suggest this is a contender.  I get bored very quickly and so have tried all the high fliers, (Samsung, iPhone, HTC, etc) and some of the lower end (Zopo which is surprisingly neat btw) and this one is in my top three favourites.

My other two  favourites are (remember I need mine for photography so the camera has to be excellent) ….

3rd place


If they could sort out that camera (noise) then this would have probably moved up as the phone itself is exceptionally good.  Fast. Good battery life. Does everything I need and more.  Impressive.

2nd place

Xiaomi Mi

Aircraft wing taken with the Xioami
Aircraft wing taken with the Xioami

This is a fabulous phone and probably my favourite of all.  I bought it because it was moderately cheap but the reviews were good   I Love this phone….Great to hold, use, and take photos with, it covers nearly all bases AND covered my need for dual SIM.

Fingerprint access,  which in my mind is far better than facial recognition when driving.  Pretty good battery life.  There wasn’t really anything not to like with this phone.  I’m keeping this for trips abroad because of the dual SIM.  However the camera was just 2 points off being the best, (although far superior to the OnePlus, due to that noise that appeared as soon as the room was darker.) So……..

1st place

Pixels 3XL

Lady's Smock, taken with the Pixels 3XL
Lady’s Smock, taken with the Pixels 3XL

Brilliant phone. Long lasting battery.  Great to hold but will need a case as it’s quite smooth everywhere… (That’s great to look at, but not so great when juggling dog leads, sticks and photos of running dogs). The camera is fantastic once you get the focus thing sussed! There are a few bells and whistles also for people who like to play.

Unfortunately no dual SIM but it does has fingerprint access, and is fast and easy to get around.

So this phone, camera-wise is, by far, the best of the rest.

Overall for phone use, OnePlus was a great little phone, but I adored the Xiaomi and that came out number one for phone use.  Overall, for my purposes of justifying large amounts of money paid, I have to have the one with the best camera, and that is the Pixels 3XL !

….but I’m keeping my Xiaomi too… As backup 😉

Edited: .I said earlier that fingerprint access is good when driving.  I didn’t mean when driving and moving . I meant when your phone is in the cradle and  You’re  stopped waiting for someone, like I have to do often.  Instead of having to uncradle the phone, or reach over to peer into the phone, with facial access, I just hold my finger up and I’m in.  I just find it easier.  I do not use my phone when actually driving.

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