Writing task – Foundation

A Thought

Our relationship is in trouble. The foundation was cracked today. I’ve done all I can, I let you talk to me as if I was your abuser. I knew taking on you as housemate after living alone most of my life, would be an adventure, a wild ride of conflicted emotions, and new routines to adjust to. I knew I was not equipped to deal with emotionally wounded souls. We had to much history as friends for me to let you go to a domestic violence safe house. I put myself in the middle of your disputes believing they weren’t my monkey and it wasn’t my circus

Proofreading the above makes me see why a friend said it was a dumb thing to do. Maybe it is a mistake. I believe we are all on the giant space bus together, we need to work together to help each other. We need to take risk when people need help.

I can’t be other than where I am. I will stay aware and let my compassion and love led the way.

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  1. Crikey, David. This is deep. We can only do what we can do. Helping is often just being there and not saying anything.

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