writing task a tangerine



Thought bubble

A tangerine rolled across the floor as I sat buzzed and meditating. I was having endless thoughts flowing down complex trials, branching, jumping and I was letting the moment flow through me.

We are all connected, all part of what we call an incomprehensible universe. Life may be nothing more than a chemical process or it could be the universe’s way to experience itself. With humans ego is the cause of suffering. All greed, desire, narcissism are generated by ego. The goal is not to destroy ego but to enlighten it, to awaken it to the full potential of oneness and kindliness that serves it and other life to the benefit of all. That is out true purpose.

Or perhaps, our conscious is just the accidental side effect of our complex brains. Are we nothing imagining we are something?

Is the universe conscious? Is life it’s nervous system ?

Oh Hey the guitar in the corner is calling me to play it. Later gators


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