Facebook has taken a bit of a bashing lately but I have always found it the best social media for marketing art. I use a Fan Page and like that it keeps things separate from my personal Facebook page.A Fan Page offers a number of great tools, some of which you can embed in your own website or blog. There is so much more to it than posting  a picture with a grand announcement that something is for sale. That is only part of the story when marketing art.

And, like so many things, Facebook can be so much more fun when you play with it and explore the possibilities.

My Google Analytics tell me I am right to keep plugging away marketing art on Facebook. In terms of visits to my various websites, the majority of clicks come from Facebook. This isn’t all from my Fan Page, I also post to Facebook groups. I am aware of a number of sales that have come via Facebook too, particularly in my local area.

More to the point, Facebook interactions are so much more enjoyable than those on other SM. You can actually have a whole conversation with someone!

I wrote a blog about marketing art on Facebook and more recently produced this video which summarizes the key things I have found useful. Let me know in the comments if you find it helpful in marketing art.

Visit my art website to keep up to date with my art work and see the various outlets where you can purchase my work: dorothyberryloundart.com

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