It was a hot steamy night in South beach. I was sitting in a dark corner of the club, watching the door, trying to lose myself in a steady stream of mojitos. The clouds of despair parted as the door opened and you walk in, pausing to let you eyes adjust. My heart leapt into my throat. I couldn’t breath, or move, mesmerized by your beauty. You glanced in my direction, I imagined a come hither look in your eyes. Walking to the bar you once again looked my way . I sat and drank in the vision that is you for what seemed like hours, wanting to go to you and sweep you off you feet. I didn’t do it. I was frozen by the knowledge that you are out of my league and I watched as a tall dark stranger comes up to hit on you . You talked for a few minutes, you get up take his arm, and walk into the dining room. I went to losing myself in the mojitos.


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