The lilacs were in bloom

I lay in my bed in that state between waking and dreaming. Falling in and out of Narnia and beyond. Fighting off my “morning sickness” waves of anxiety and negativity reflected in the mini dreams of partial wakefulness. Outside the sounds of the neighborhood waking to a new day of hopes and dreams of despair and frustrations, drifted through my open window. Suddenly! through the fog of my mind, a delightful sense of peace and rightness took hold as I breathed in the delightful scent on the air. The lilacs were in bloom it was spring finally and I could get out of bed filled with hope.

That mornings meditation under the lilac tree began the change in me that brought me to my path toward awakening.

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6 thoughts on “The lilacs were in bloom

  1. Oh David, thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    I love the smell of lilacs. There were three, very large shrubs of the purple lilacs on my parents’ property in Ohio. Living in the deep south for many years, where it was too hot to grow lilacs, I have missed them.

    And you pretty much described my mornings!

    Nice job.

      1. I noticed the same thing on my screen, David. I am able to “Edit” these posts and clicking on Edit is how I was able to read your entire story.

        Hopefully this is being addressed and will be fixed soon as I did report the glitch.

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