The Sauna Was Broken – story by Abbie Shores

Charles pulled up his towel as it threatened to slide to the floor.  He grimaced.  The problem with a tum was towels didn’t stay up, and he needed braces for his trousers instead of a belt or they would hit the floor also.

He looked around the pool area.  Thank goodness for men only clubs, he thought.  At least if it does go, the only ones to see are the other gentlemen although it seemed to be empty right now, unusually.

Thinking of his weight he strode meaningfully to the sauna.  He enjoyed his time in there.  He would meet up with his friends and they would chat about stock and shares, mistresses, and rarely wives.  He smiled.

Reaching the sauna he pushed open the door.

As normal, if he was the first, the light automatically came on.  He could see the clean piles of towels on the wooden slatted seats.  He saw a towel throw on the floor and he tutted and picked it up as he passed to his favourite seat in the corner.  Some people were so lazy.

For 15 minutes he sat in a daydream of that days events that he wished to share with his friends when they arrived.  He had finally settled a deal that had been in the making now for nearly 6 months.  He had already regaled then with the stories of flights to Dubai, nights in that cities famous billionaires hotel at the companies expense.  They had been in awe as he described the food, suite, and even the fireworks at one of the events being held whilst there.  He knew they were jealous of his successes.   He liked to be top dog.

Finally, just an hour ago, he had shaken hands with the dealmakers and chuckled to is mistress on the phone, promising her that trip to Paris she has dreamed of.  She had squealed with delight and he licked his lips in anticipation as he thought of tomorrow lunchtime when they had time to meet at her apartment in town.  His apartment he corrected himself quickly.

He had yet to tell his wife.

The thought of his mistress had warmed him up.  He opened the towel and lay it across his knees, then realised it was the room that had got hotter and he stripped the towel off altogether, and pulled himself up to check the heat.  It looked the right temperature on the gauge but it felt hotter than normal.

Thinking he heard a noise outside the door he hurried back to the seat and towel, grabbing it to lay it across his nether region.  Nobody came in.  It must have been his imagination.

In passing he wondered where his friends were, but then remembered he was there early and there was plenty of time.

Charles wiped sweat from his eyes.  It really was very hot in here.  He got up intending to turn down the heating a little but the needle didn’t move as he turned the dial.  He tapped it gently to try and shift it in case it was stuck.  Nothing.  He turned the dial further but nothing happened, in fact, it looked like it had flickered to a higher position.

He opened his mouth as it was hard to breathe now.  He really had to lose some weight! He knew that.  His wife said he looked like a beached whale….charming!  and they wonder why we have mistresses he thought to himself, forgetting the heat for a moment as he thought about divorces and alimony.  He knew he would ever go through with it and hey, he made enough good deals to be able to keep them both happy didn’t he?

He looked at his wrist as he realised he had forgotten to remove his watch and an angry red mark was appearing under it.  It was burning him damnit!  He struggled with the clasp as it burned the tips of his fingers. Finally with a clang, he threw it onto the stone floor.  It lay there, broken.

He grabbed one of the nearby towels and wiped his face and armpits with it.  The sweat was now covering him, the floor beneath his feet was hot and wet.  This was too much and he took hold of the handle of the door to leave.  Red heat burned his palm and he jumped back in shock.  The door was hot, and the latch had flipped down as he had entered, basically locking him in.  At this he started to panic and shout for his friends.  For the staff… had they not noticed he was in trouble?  He pummelled on the frosted window of the door and yelled, and yelled.

Pamela threw the pieces of card into the skip as she headed for the car.  She waved at Jake as she neared it and he waved back, black hair swept back away from the most handsome face she had ever seen.  She smiled as she slipped in beside him in the passenger seat and he put the Porsche into gear and pulled away.

‘Did you tell him you were leaving him and wanted a divorce?’  He asked urgently.

‘No’ she said quietly, ‘I couldn’t find him’

She smiled at him and quietly slipped her ring through the window onto the road below

Behind them in the skip one could just make out the words “DANGER” and on another piece below it,  “Sauna dangerous, do not use!!”

Written as part of the Writing Tasks


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