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Many months ago I fell in love with a frog.  I mean seriously lol

I love frogs anyway but this one was particularly handsome.  Unfortunately I was informed by his creator, Melissa Bittinger, that he probably had a home to go to, so I went frogless that day.

Very recently I was chatting to Melissa and she happened to mention she had the frog still, and a homeless dragon . Was I interested?!

Was i?  Yes!  Definitely!  So now Adam the frog, and Clarissa the dragon have moved in with me.  They live in luxury on my dressing table so I see them everyday.

In my parcel Melissa also included the most beautiful necklace which I have worn several times already.

Her other items include these adorable rocks, with clay carvings

Painted rocks

And these beautiful pendants

Finally, I adore these wall thingies

Some of those will end up on my wall!  Isn’t she amazing?!

If you have time I seriously suggest a visit to her website Painted Tulip Studio, see her on Facebook, or take a look at Twitter @ptulipstudio

Thank you, Melissa!  I really love these!


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5 thoughts on “Painted Tulip Studio

  1. All very beautiful Melissa! And how thoughtful of you Abbie to share that beauty with us and promote Melissa at the same time. 

  2. Aww…Adam and Clarissa….squeeeee! Love it. So glad you are happy and thanks so much for sharing my work 🙂

    1. It’s so lovely. A couple of years ago she sent me two necklaces commemorating my beloved old dog. As a gift! I’m very lucky

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