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Thank you to the lost boys and coach rescuers. I keep reading post after post on social media praising a god for the rescues. It’s not a miracle that those guys were rescued from the cave. Saying that completely demeans all the time, effort, knowledge, loss of life that went into the rescue. No miracle, just a lot of very brave people who have spent their lives training for these contingencies.

No miracle. No gods. No religion. No politics. No one country or colour or faith. Just wonderful people who came together and who persevered. Who did what they’ve trained for and succeeded.

I hope we do not ever forget Saman Kunan, who died in the cave rescue operations.

Some also say Elon Musk created a pod to save lives for a ‘publicity stunt’. No. Wrong. Governor Narongsak invited him to help. The pod that was made by Elon’s team is now made, works, and will save future lives. Stop belittling such accomplishments with petty statements.

To all those involved in international rescues in the past, those still going on, and those unfortunately yet to come. Both in the public eye and the hundreds who work behind the scenes, collating, organising, answering phones, cleaning uniforms…..feeding and watering the teams…….The world thanks you. Wholeheartedly. Without reservation. You! All of you!!

Thank you!

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