Keeping My Dogs Cool In The Heat


How to keep the pups cool Not sure why I still call them the pups. …

How to keep the pups cool

Not sure why I still call them the pups.  They are, after all, 4 years old now and so fully fledged dogs.  Time is so fleeting for our pets and I think I try and hang onto this time I have with them for as long as I can.  To me it was such a short time ago that they were my pups.

Mr Darcy and Miss Hannah check out the local park as puppies

Whatever, they are way overheating right now as our UK temperatures hit record highs

If you are unsure if it is hot, put on a couple of woolly jumpers and a fur coat and then sit in your car or in the garden…… No… I am joking… if you are warm, your dog is hot!

Here are some tips for the financially insecure (which I am) I have found for cooling them down.

Miss Hannah relaxing in the cooler places

1. Do not exercise them at all during the day. It is much too hot and they do not need it. Let them have a quick wee outside and then bring them in again. I am luck that we have four huge trees in our back garden so they can stay outside for a while, but that is just where I live. No shade? Take them in again.

To keep them happy, go through basic training with them, or play hide and seek etc

2. Even indoors I keep the curtains at half mast. A dog died recently because someone kept it in the kitchen with the curtains/blinds open. The hot sun got in and killed the dog. Keep the blinds in one room closed as this keeps the room cooler

3. Keep fresh cold water down. Change at least twice, if not more, a day. Water is warming up fast at present

4. Frozen peanutsicles. Dogs are not allowed nuts but peanuts are legumes (beans) so they can have those. Organic or homemade peanut butter (with no additives as some peanut butter has chemicals in which kill dogs) placed in an ice container or Kong and frozen, is a great treat for the dog and can keep them amused for a while.

Mr Darcy

5. Wet tea towels on ears and belly

6. Wet towels to lie on

7. Wet white tea towel on a black dog when it has to go out, reflects the heat and helps keep it cooler.

8. If they do not have to travel, DO NOT TRAVEL with your dog in the heat. Leave them at home in the shaded room. If you do have to travel, windows open or air conditioning on high. do not at any point stop and leave them in the car. Get them out even if filling with fuel. They cannot sweat and cars are much too hot at present for them. Wait until the sun is down and travel then. Long trips should be taken at night. Try and get later vet bookings if you can. Wet towels can help if you have waterproof seat covers as I do.

Remember to take lots of fresh water in bottles and something for your dog to drink from.

9. If you see a dog in distress inside a car, official advice is to dial 999 (or 911) immediately and ask for the police. A dog in distress in a hot car is an emergency and the police will advise you what to do based on the situation.

10. Try not to walk the dog on pavements unless wearing their boots. Pads burn easier than you think.

11. If taking a white or pale dog out, use sunscreen on balder areas, such as ears and tops of snouts. They can get skin cancers very easily.

I know there are more tips and, if you have any I have forgotten, PLEASE add them as a comment at the bottom of the post

Thank you 🙂

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