Saturday Morning Brunch


Saturday morning brunch in Mayflower Village was normally a chatty affair. Mabel, Mildred and Millicent…

Saturday morning brunch in Mayflower Village was normally a chatty affair. Mabel, Mildred and Millicent (or the three M’s as Mummy had called them) were, every week without fail, sitting outside drinking tea and partaking of one of the wonderful cakes that Sally Parkins made every morning before opening.

This morning however, the three ladies sat indoors looking out, miserable and disgusted.

‘It is raining!’ said Millicent, for the fourth time since they had sat down.

‘We know!’ chorused her sisters annoyed.

‘But it shouldn’t be raining!’ said Millicent. ‘It is meant to be sunny! It is our time for brunch! It is always sunny for brunch!’ She pouted.

The other two looked at each other and then at their baby sister. She was the youngest by a whole 3 minutes. That made her the baby in their book and they often treated her as a young girl, even at their ripe old ages. Mabel glared at her and was about to tell Millie that it WAS all her fault, when she caught the slight shake of the head from Mildred, the oldest.

Mildred was right. It was not Millie’s fault she was such a numptyhead. She had been born that way and it was why she had never had an important job. That is until last night. Mildred had not been feeling well and Millicent had stepped in to take her place. They knew she would muck up but they had hoped……

Millicent drank her tea and then left early to grab some supplies before they headed home. The small umbrella she had purchased when seeing the rain, was already inside out, but she held it above her head anyway and trotted off to the grocers.

Mildred and Mabel sat quietly for a moment watching until she disappeared, then smiling to each other they pulled out the tapestry for the day and silently embroidered in the sun that Millicent had left off.


Saturday Morning Brunch, a fun story of the Fate sisters, was written for Writing Task 36 on Our Arts Magazine,

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