What to do with my new found….box

I ordered a rug back from Amazon as I’m….well…making a rug. I have a note…

I ordered a rug back from Amazon as I’m….well…making a rug.

I have a note on there (my orders section) to leave my deliveries outside my door…it’s safe

I got a note when I got home that they tried to leave my delivery but I wasn’t in. Cool I thought, going back outside to check…. No, I read on…..we’ve left your delivery at the local garage.


It should have fitted through my letterbox!!

Later that day I trot off to the garage….taking my car…..thankfully it turns out. Inside, the guy shows me a large box and, grunting, helps me by carrying it to the car.

Huh? It should have gone through my letterbox

Looking at the label it clearly states my name, address and a note, leave outside the front door if not in!!

My BFs Mum has leukemia and we were off to see her so I didn’t get a chance to look in the box then. But whilst there my curiosity would not be contained and I slipped outside to see how big my rug back must be.

Opening the box I beheld a huge pile of catalogues. Tool catalogues. Tool catalogues?

Anyway, too long to cut a story short, but I got a full refund and was told I could, ‘keep the box you were sent’.

So….what to do with my new found…box of catalogues? Ideas?

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