Dreamtime – Dogs Lost Abroad


I had the strangest full length dream last night.  I am going to write it…

I had the strangest full length dream last night.  I am going to write it down so I do not forget it.

I went abroad by plane with the two dogs.  For some reason they were allowed in the airplane cabin with me.  Both had their own seat and special harnesses that went right around the backs.  I do not know where we went but it was a very long sandy beach.

As soon as we got there I let Miss Hannah off lead and she flew off to say hello to another dog.  Mr Darcy, as normal, had on his long yellow lunging rein to keep him away from other dogs but to let him run.  Within seconds Miss Hannah had disappeared.  I mean totally disappeared.  I ran to where she had been but she was nowhere to be found.  Looking up and down the beach I saw nothing but other people with their dogs, or children.  Miss Hannah had vanished.  Completely.

In the meantime Mr Darcy was going nuts and finally pulled his lead from my hand and darted off up off the beach towards the town.

I ran after him, but he too was gone within just a few seconds.

I spent hours on that patch of the beach and cliffs, up and down, shouting and calling.  Nothing.  No dogs.  Other people came and tried to help but to no avail.

Knowing it was time to leave soon I was heartbroken and panicking.  I contacted my friends on Facebook and put out the word that both dogs had gone and asked for help to raise money so I could come back or stay to keep looking.

Everyone came through for me and we raised enough money for me to go home, and come back, several times.

Staying local I went looking again.  Suddenly, a day or two in, someone contacted me by telephone saying they had had a dog brought in from over 10 miles away.  The dog was seen to have been dumped from a car.  They thought they may have another dog who may be mine also

I sped off by taxi and walked into the rescue centre and there was Miss Hannah!  She went crazy when she saw me and even wet herself with her excitement.  We both cried loads and then went in to see the other dog, who I had been warned was in a bad way.

The dog was skinny and covered in sores and wounds.  He had been badly beaten and underfed.  It was not my Mr Darcy.  Instead it was a full Alsatian dog, male, slightly older than mine.  I fell in love and swore then to help save him.  Contacting my friends once again on FB I asked them if they minded me spending the money on this dogs care and flights to UK.  Everyone was in full agreement to get the dog in full health again.

I went back to the centre and told them to give him the best care and handed over a wedge of the money that had been raised.  Hugging Miss Hannah, (and keeping her on a short lead), I decided to take her home to the UK.  Without Mr Darcy.

Walking one more time down the beach, towards the airport, for some reason I looked behind me.  In the distance I could see a tiny black speck rushing toward me.  I pulled out my dog whistle and gave the two long calls that told my dogs to come to my side.  The black dot came closer and closer, very fast.  A long yellow lunging lead flew in the air behind it.  3 feet away it leapt at me and I got a full face full of Mr D’s nose and tongue.  Miss Hannah jumped on him and they rolled around, licking each other and squeaking.

We headed home, the three of us, not one leaving the other two’s side until we got in our own home, where both dogs went straight to their respective beds (mine for Mr Darcy and the cot for Miss Hannah) and slept.  I soon joined them.

A few weeks later the rescue centre called and asked me if I still wanted ‘Major’ (I had named him before leaving) as he was healthy now.  They explained that one of their helpers had actually fallen in love with him and would love to take him to her home, local to them.  But, as I had paid for his treatment, obviously if I still wanted him then they would help me get him to the UK.

I thought about quarantine, travel etc for a dog who had already been through so much and told them to tell her she had a new dog.

Then, strangely, I woke up.

Looking at Mr D stretched out on the foot of my bed and Miss Hannah on her cot beside me, I thanked my lucky stars that it had all just been a dream.




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