The terrified silver carp

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I have two tanks here. One with 3 Shebunkins, a hexagonal aquarium that would hold more than the three so I may get a couple of other types of goldfish

In the large rectangular tank there are only 2 fish left from a much larger number. Over the years they have dropped off and we just haven’t replaced them. We have one goldfish around 3 and a half inches long who is one of the originals. She is very old now and lazy. She has the right.

Bubbles, the silver Carp. Large but cowardly

The other fish is around 3 years old, a silver carp. She is around 5 inches long now and did have a brother but he died last year. I am not sure why as he was very young.

Anyway, Bubbles, the silver carp has always been very nervous, whereas her brother, Squeak, was outgoing and exceptionally brave. Bubbles would prefer to hide until you have gone and then come out.

Today was clean the tank day. I decided to move the submarine from the hexagonal tank to the rectangular. I did that and Bubbles was squished one end into the plants and Goldie was squished right up the other end next to the pump.

Jump forward a few hours and my BF looked in the tank to find Bubbles squished one end into the plants and Goldie still squished right up the other end next to the pump. He looked at the submarine and realised it look like a whale. So he removed it.

Immediately both fish started moving around the tank happily exploring their new clean quarters.

I am a bad Mum. Very, very bad fishy Mum

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