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I know for a fact that many of my friends have insomnia. All artists. We…

I know for a fact that many of my friends have insomnia. All artists. We have sat up late into the night on a myriad of occasions talking about it. Mine arises from nightmares about the past, although it can be just a bill that’s worrying me, or a poorly dog, or a banging gate, or…… Well, you get the idea.

When I slept, it was the sleep of the dead, for an hour or two, then up for another days work.

I’ve tried everything in the past, yoga, cheese and milk (that actually works a bit but not good for your teeth or morning breath), pills (definitely not to be recommended). But anything that slightly worked was, as you can see, not ideal and not without its own issues.

Last week I was in Google Play taking a look at apps, at about 4am, sleepless and tired, when I found two apps.

Sleep Sounds
Space Clock

Sleep Sounds. quite honestly this is probably the best as, not only can you put it on a timer, but it doesn’t take notice of your phone’s cut out time. So doesn’t turn off until you want it to.

You have a choice of preset sounds but, and I LOVE this, you can add or remove things.

Things like Refreshing Rain, Rain in Forest, Rainforest, vivid Creek, Autumn Woods, Evening Beach, Above the Sky, Vintage Train etc

They also have a nature version with owls and howling wolves softly playing out their lives in the background which, again, can be added or removed.

I’ve used this for the past three nights and slept like an angel.

The other app is the Space Clock. It has three templates but I only use Elegance, with Chime Set 2. The others jar on me.

However, unlike the other app, this goes off when your screensaver comes on, so I’ve had to adjust the time on that. It’s a shame really as, with that addition of staying on top, this could be another perfect one. This app has helped me with several naps.

So, try these if you cannot sleep. They may help you as they have me.

Night night x

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