Getting To Know Hafsteinn Kroyer Eidsson

When did you first become interested in art, in general?

Been in and out of art since childhood, But it’s always been behind my ears though.

How did you come to photography, from there?

I actually never was interested in photography when younger. But When I got my first telescope, I started photographing through it with some crappy cameras and, later on, telephone cameras.

With what other forms of art do you work?

Not been active at art since my teens. Tried several things, drawing mostly. I guess I should have got into photography sooner as I am very natural in it and super quick at learning new things about the subject.

Do you spend a lot of time on editing?

No not a lot of time, cause I’m pretty good at it. It has become as an old habit.

Do you use editing software to alter your photos in any way? If so, why?

I do edit in some way almost every picture I like to publish. Editing was done before in the  darkrooms, but most people don’t really know that.

I do it because pictures, as they come from a digital cameras, are often noisy and just overall unnatural.

Your photos have a clarity that is truly unique. For me, it’s a very captivating “style”. Is this editing or filtering, a great eye… Luck?

Thank you.. And yes it is the eye, not luck. I have made my own “style” in my editing through the years and experience.

Having a good camera also helps with getting the clarity.

What kind of equipment do you use? (Makes, models, etc.)

I use Canons. I have two older models EOS 5D mark ii, EOS 400D, and 3 lenses currently.

Are you a “Specialist” photographer?

I look at myself as an nature photographer mostly. Some people say landscapes are my specialty, but I personally don’t think I am a specialist in any subjects.More about interest I would say. ha ha

Do you have favorite times to shoot?

Evenings, night, summer, winter.  All depending on what I’m trying to capture.  Sunlight for living subjects.

Do you wait for the moment, or just shoot?

Just shoot. Why bother waiting LOL. But tolerance is a necessity though. Some subjects just requires you to wait for the capture.

How often do you go out specifically for photos?

Never leave home without my camera bag. Always ready to do my art.

Have you gone to many countries, especially to photograph?

Actually no, I have not, sadly. But I tend to do that.

Do you carry a camera at all times?

YES, indeed I do

How do you know when it’s finished?

It’s never finished.

What do you do with/about criticism?

I love criticism. There would be no art without it.

Do you have a favorite photographer?

No not really. Sadly, I personally think there are many great photographers out there. Many have their own style.

Many are also very similar. I’m not the greatest, but I think I have special vibes in my pictures no other have.

I could be wrong though. It’s for the observers to judge as always.

What is your opinion of phone/cameras?

Well, phone cameras get better by the year, but they will, I think, never get the DSLR quality though. But I use phones sometimes when photographing.

What is your favorite photography subject?

The cosmos. Yeah and birds, and northern lights and landscape,and nightscape, and waterscape and I could count for ages…

What is your favorite photography myth?

The one about editing being a relatively new phenomena is always amusing.

There’s a new lens out, for SmartPhones. Are you worried?

HAHA No I’m not worried. Fine toy for those who have only smartphones to play with. The thing is that digital zoom is not so good, when doing great photos in my opinion. The quality between the new smartphone lens and same zoom canon lens is black and white in difference. but sure same can be said about the price difference.

I know you’re winning contests, often. Can you elaborate?

No, not really. just working my way up.

Any upcoming exhibits or contests you’d like to talk about?

No. but I’m working on getting some exhibits, but all this takes also time from the day job. My homepage and Facebook I mostly use to show my pictures, and people can buy them through my homepage on prints, canvas, posters etc. I have a printer/agent in the USA and in Norway.

What is the “downside”?

My fiancee says, time and money. I have to agree on that a bit though. But the fun overtakes all downside elements.

What keeps you up at night?

Ideas. Can be creative when not wanted.

Any advice for budding photographers?

Practice, practice and more practice. Do not be afraid of a challenge no matter how large it seems.

May the aperture be with you, Always.

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